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DARPA-funded app shows you the security holes on your Android device

A new Android application, developed with funding from DARPA, aims to show users precisely what security holes there are on their Android devices. Called X-Ray, the ...
by Bogdan PetrovanJuly 24, 20123

FireLeaker malware puts Android users’ privacy in jeopardy

A new piece of malware, dubbed FireLeaker, has been found by NQ Mobile’s Security Research Center. Unlike other types of malware, which send premium rate ...
by Gary SimsJuly 23, 20121

Microsoft warns users about fake Skype app

A couple of weeks ago Trend Micro spotted a fake version of Skype for offer. Now Microsoft, who own Skype, has published some more details about this malware dressed up as a ...
by Gary SimsJuly 19, 20121

Jelly Bean security significantly improved to discourage malware attacks

It’s no secret to Android fans that the security of their favorite mobile platform has been often questioned after various malware programs ...
by Chris SmithJuly 17, 20121

Premium-rate SMS malware survived in Google Play for weeks

Based on image from Symantec A nasty bit of malware known as Android.Dropdialer has been hiding out in Google Play since June 24 and has managed to generate somewhere ...
by Gary SimsJuly 12, 20121

Number of malicious Android apps jumps to over 20,000

A new report by Trend Micro paints a worrying picture about the number of malicious Android apps in existence. According to the report, which was created by Trend Micro’s ...
by Gary SimsJuly 6, 20123

“Find and Call” spamming app discovered on Android and iOS

Android’s security issues are well-known, documented and much debated, but even with the introduction of a new “Bouncer” system, the number of malicious apps in Google Play ...
by AdrianJuly 6, 20124

Is there really an Android botnet sending out spam?

Yesterday, I wrote about evidence that suggested the existence of an Android botnet which was under control of spammers and is being used to send out spam via Yahoo! Mail. ...
by Gary SimsJuly 6, 20122

Yahoo! Mail on Android being used to send spam

Cyber security experts from Microsoft have spotted real-world examples of spam email sent, not from a dedicated spam server, but from Android phones. The ...
by Gary SimsJuly 5, 20122

Researchers create prototype Android clickjacking rootkit

Researchers at NC State University have found a weakness in the Android framework (meaning the Android GUI and services, not the underlying Linux kernel) which has allowed them to ...
by Gary SimsJuly 4, 201214
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