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Shadowgun: Deadzone hits Play Store as free public beta

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 13, 2012
Shadowgun: Deadzone is now available in the Play Store as a public beta, open for any device powered by a Tegra 3 chip. The much awaited multiplayer third-person shooter is a spin-off of Shadowgun (which was single player only) rather than a sequel, as the title might let you believe.
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Free-to-play online shooter Deadzone by Madfinger Games could be released very soon

by: Joe HindySeptember 27, 2012
Madfinger Games first gave a demo for Deadzone at CES 2012. It's a free-to-play online shooter that, when it is eventually released, could bring a whole new demographic of gamers to Madfinger Games. With a solid catalog that includes Dead Trigger and Shadowgun, Deadzone could be a great release.
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More good news, for zombie fans! Dead Trigger is now a free download on Google Play

by: Bams SadewoJuly 21, 2012

Just earlier today we reported on the Dead Trigger update. For those who were a little miffed about spending a buck on Google Play Store for it, even though it’s definitely worth the admission ticket, Madfinger Games has some good news to share.

The first-person Zombie shooter game Dead Trigger can now be downloaded for free. This means no more dealing with shady copies online, which we would never recommend in the first place, and you can start blasting off those pesky zombies at no cost at all – except their blown up torsos.

Just because Dead Trigger is a free download it doesn’t mean that the developer has skimped on the features. It does feature in-app [...]

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Madfinger Games’ Dead Trigger for Android receives major update

by: Ankit BanerjeeJuly 21, 2012

Dead Trigger, by Madfinger Games, is one of the top games available on the Google Play Store and with good reason. The zombie-themed FPS (first person shooter) boasts amazing graphics, full 3D characters and environments, and high quality audio and soundtrack, which is frankly quite scary. There is also a Tegra 3 optimized version available which introduces even more features and graphic enhancements.

With numerous “zombie slaughter” weapons and a full mission-based storyline, the gameplay can go on for up to 40 hours. But if you’re getting bored already, although there’s no reason why you would be,  the latest update for Dead Trigger should [...]

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Dead Trigger zombie FPS is now available in Google Play and TegraZone for just $0.99

by: AdrianJuly 4, 2012

If you’ve ever had that inexplicable feeling that the zombie apocalypse is getting near and the world’s only chance for survival might come down to you and your ability to slay the undead, I have to painfully inform you that you’re completely out of your mind.

Thankfully, all of history’s brilliant minds were considered at some point crazy, so you shouldn’t sweat it. Instead, try to find out something entertaining and challenging enough to keep you busy until your zombie-killing services will be needed to preserve our society as we know it.

And if you have trouble finding out something to fit that description, the guys at Madfinger Games may be able to lend you [...]

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Shadowgun and Samurai II: Vengeance now only $1 on Google Play

by: Bams SadewoJuly 3, 2012

Developer Madfinger Games is known for bringing out some of the best action games with console-like quality on the Android platform. If you’ve been holding out to get Shadowgun and Samurai II: Vengeance, the time has never been more right to click those buy buttons in the Google Play Store.

Right now, there’s a promotion going on for games released by Madfinger. The top two offerings, of course, are the aforementioned titles. Both games are now available at a tempting price of $1 each. Aside from the regular version, the Tegra 3 version of Shadowgun and Samurai II: Vengeance is also being discounted. You know where those THD Games would look great on? That’s right, [...]

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Zombie-themed FPS Dead Trigger to be released for Android on July 2

by: AdrianJune 30, 2012

“When the dead are not dead, you have to be deadly.” That’s the premise of the new Dead Trigger first-person shooter game which will be released for Android in less than 48 hours. As far as I’m concerned, it says it all about the loads of fun the game will probably provide.

Coming from Madfinger Games, the studio that brought us the hugely successful ShadowGun, Dead Trigger will be made available in Google Play on July 2, for just $0.99. That’ll be an unbelievably small price to pay for what looks like a visually stunning and action-packed game, so, if I were you, I’d watch this link very closely come July 2.

Dead Trigger will come with full 3D characters and [...]

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Dead Trigger, first-person zombie shooting at its finest, is coming out in June

by: Bams SadewoJune 2, 2012

Want to survive the looming Zombie apocalypse? Future professional zombie hunters can now practice the skills of eradicating the undead on their Android devices, with the upcoming first-person shooter game, the Dead Trigger. Developed by the same team that brought you the blockbuster action game Shadowgun THD, we can expect the same high level visual quality and immersive gameplay.

Dead Trigger puts gamers in a world where a strange infection has brought civilization to a halt, with billions of people dead and many turned into zombies. As one of the few remaining survivors, shooting and blasting those bad boys is the only way to stop becoming an entrée for the hordes [...]

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