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Samsung shutters its London flagship store amid poor earnings

by Matthew BensonDecember 25, 2014
Seemingly the result of severe cost-cutting creativity, Samsung has closed its flagship London store, home of the UK's Galaxy S4 and S5 product releases.
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Samsung opens up pre-registration for European Developer Day, takes place on November 18th

by Andrew GrushSeptember 30, 2013
On October 27th, Samsung will kick off its first developer conference in San Francisco. For those in Europe, Samsung will also hold a separate event on November 18th. Keep reading to learn more!
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We’ll be at the HTC event tomorrow, here’s what you can expect!

by AdrianFebruary 18, 2013
26 hours and some change. That’s all that’s left until HTC will finally put us out of our misery and show the world once and for all if the company is built for greatness.
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Google UK in £1bn property deal, set to move HQ in 2016

by Gary SimsJanuary 18, 2013
Following the completion a £1bn property deal, Google will now build a seven and 11 story office complex on 2.4 acres of disused land behind King’s Cross Station. Once completed the search giant will moves its UK staff to the new site, probably sometime in 2016!
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New System Allows London Police to Instantly Download Your Phone Data

by Shea HarrisMay 22, 2012

For those afraid that our right to personal privacy is slowly disappearing, there’s a new example of law enforcement procedure to support that concern. If you’re suspected of a crime or arrested in London, Metropolitan Police now has a new system enabling them to almost instantly extract data from your mobile device.

The new system, carried out with a device called ACESO, is supplied by UK mobile forensics company Radio Tactics. Metropolitan Police authorities will use the system to download all call log, photo, video, social media, and text message information on phones. Previously, phones had to be sent to a forensics lab to gather data from a phone suspected to have been [...]

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Archos confirms event for September 15th

by James TromansAugust 20, 2009

Archos media event

French language website frandroid is reporting that Archos have confirmed the event that we mentioned a while back is on for September 15th. There is still the speculation that this IMT device probably does not have phone functionality, but we will have to wait till September 15th to be sure of what it does and does not have. What we have heard so far on the rumour mill is that the device will offer a 5-inch WVGA display and 500GB of storage in a 1cm thick body. Other specifications may include:

2Mb/s HSUPA 7.2Mb/s HSDPA Ability to play HD movies 7 hours of video playback time 800MHz Texas Instruments OMAP 3440 processor [...]
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HTC Hero (G1 Touch) video demos from London and New York

by Michael OrylJune 25, 2009

Ugh, been a nightmare morning. YouTube started having problems with AVI video uploads, which is what I typically use, and was truncating our videos at 34 seconds. Once I realized that MP4 uploads work still for some reason, I started re-rendering and re-uploading all of the failed uploads from earlier this morning, including the two HTC Hero videos that follow.

The first video was shot by Russ Jefferies and is the better of the two.  At the London launch event he does an introduction to the phone and then has an HTC rep go through some of the features.  In the second video, found after the jump, I stumble through a demo of a Hero with no SIM or data in a horribly loud room [...]

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HTC Hero official – Sense UI, multi-touch zooming, and Flash support

by Michael OrylJune 24, 2009

HTC Hero

This text is taken from my piece on the website.  A full photo gallery that includes 4 live photos from MobileBurn’s Russ Jefferies is available at the end of the post.

Today HTC launched its third Android powered smartphone, the HTC Hero. The HTC Hero makes use of the new HTC Sense user interface, which makes the Hero the first Android device on the market to sport a custom user interface. For those that follow Android more closely, HTC Sense will be recognized as the “Rosie” user interface that was leaked through some Hero ROMs a few weeks back.

I had the chance to see HTC Sense in action on an [...]

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HTC press launch in London today

by James TromansJune 24, 2009

Earlier this month we brought you the news that HTC will have a press launch on June 24th regarding an up and coming device; perhaps the HTC Hero running Android Rosie? Well today is the 24th of June and from 11:30am British Summer Time, Tweets will start flying around with all sort of information regarding this topic.

The HTC Hero is alleged to come to Orange in the UK towards the end of June, an allegation that fits perfectly with the current chain of events that are unfolding. The HTC Hero offers a ‘chin’ style touch-screen device that may not appeal to everyone, but we’re pretty sure the new Rosie UI will. Rest assured we’ll be one of the first to let you know as the [...]

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HTC press event on June 24 – Hero on the way?

by Michael OrylJune 3, 2009

HTC has sent out invitations for a June 24 press event in London.  While we sort out exactly who from the MobileBurn/AndroidAuthority clan is going, everybody is speculating over what device or devices will be launched.

Of course a lot of people are pulling for a new Android smartphone, and the HTC Hero would seem to be the likely suspect if that is indeed the case.  But, to be honest, we really have no idea since we still would have been invited even if it turns out to be for a Windows Mobile phone.  Perhaps we’ll be able to form a better guess after looking around at the Android sites that are not associated with larger phone sites to see who got invited and who [...]

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