iLockit Lock Screen: Intuitive and personalized security for your Android

by 2 years ago

Always make sure to protect your privacy. In this digital age, this means setting powerful passwords and carefully picking codes that should be impossible for other people to figure out. Unless you’ve memorized them by heart or you’ve written them down somewhere, we might have the tendency of forgetting complicated passwords. Unfortunately, your phone wasn’t built to tolerate multiple failures to input the correct code and you might find yourself locked out. Today we’re introducing you to an alternative to unlocking your phone without having to memorize a series of letters or numbers. Introducing iLockit Lock Screen. Developed by Appsolute…

91 Locker: 4-way lock screen app with system toggles

by 2 years ago

There is a growing list of apps designed to give Android users a more personalized and customizable lockscreen. You can choose from the most feature-packed to the most lightweight and simplest lock screen application available. 91 Locker combines the two, being a lock screen application packed with several useful features yet  also light, letting you enjoy the awesome functionality without compromising memory. 91 Locker is the lock screen application to have if one will consider convenience, style, and practicality. In instances where your phone is locked, you will have trouble instantly switching your camera on to snap a celebrity’s picture…