We earlier featured White Pages’ Current Caller ID Android app as a great way for smartphone users to see context before they answer a call. Current Caller ID shows you a caller’s... latest social streams, so you know what they’ve been up to, which can make for an interesting conversation piece. The app also gives you statistics on your usage, including most frequent callers...


Qualcomm says that nine out of 10 smarpthones will be connected to the cloud by 2013. These figures constitute personal cloud services, meaning you are likely to have photos, files and other digital media stored in the cloud. You’re also likely to be running apps and processes through remote servers and devices, and not just locally.

android privacy

Google is no stranger to controversy related to what some consider blatant intrusion and complete disregard for consumer privacy. While many appreciate the personalized results, others are equally... wary about the information tracking and storage, and even more so when it comes to permissions required by applications allowing access to personal information on your handheld device.

In a move that...