Live wallpapers are just some of the best things most Android tablets can support. Given that a tablet has a wider screen compared to other devices, placing an amazing wallpaper on the screen will surely make you love your tablet even more. And, when we say amazing wallpapers, we almost…

Best functional live wallpapers for Android

by on December 12, 2011 10:03 am

One great way to dress up and personalize your Android phone is to set up custom backgrounds for your phone’s homescreen.  You can choose a static image as your wallpaper, or opt for something dynamic: live wallpapers. In the latter category, there are generally two kinds: plain animated wallpapers (which,…


One of the reasons I switched over to Android was because a DIY geek like me loves the thrill of customization. My previous smartphone was merely a fancy keyboard on something that could call and text. I rarely installed apps on it or even tinkered with it. Once I got…