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In this edition of the Friday Debate, we discuss one of the core strengths of Android – the ability to customize the appearance of the operating system in just about any way you like. From widgets and live wallpapers, to icon packs, and custom launchers, it’s easy to give your Android device a full makeover. And even if you prefer the appearance of stock Android or an OEM layout, you can still add a few touches to make it truly your own.


Finding the right wallpaper can be a very tedious task. There are millions of images on the internet in a variety of resolutions. In this list, we’ll show you some of the best apps that have... some nice HD wallpapers for Android. Between all of these, you should be able to find that right wallpaper for you.

Backgrounds HD

[Price: Free] Backgrounds HD is one of the most popular on t...


One of the perks of having an Android phone is that it is easy to customize. Every phone may look the same on the outside, but may differ in the inside. Advanced users usually customize their... phones by changing the ROM’s features, improving its performance, and removing the bloatware apps installed on the phone.

In contrast, newbies tend to customize their phones by downloading...


Live wallpapers are just some of the best things most Android tablets can support. Given that a tablet has a wider screen compared to other devices, placing an amazing wallpaper on the screen... will surely make you love your tablet even more. And, when we say amazing wallpapers, we almost always mean live wallpapers.

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A lot of live wallpa...


That’s right, Portal 2 fans and Android handset owners, you heard it right, Portal 2’s Wheatley robot is now available for purchase in Google Play for just $1... as a live wallpaper app. All you have to do is head on to Google’s app store and get it.

Once you install it on your Android handset, you’ll have the robot’s omnipresent eye following you...


One great way to dress up and personalize your Android phone is to set up custom backgrounds for your phone’s homescreen.  You can choose a static image as your wallpaper, or opt for... something dynamic: live wallpapers.

In the latter category, there are generally two kinds: plain animated wallpapers (which, as you might have guessed, show stuff that move) and functional wal...