ZiiLABS announces TRINITY, a new platform for Android and Plaszma Operating systems

by 4 years ago

ZiiLABS, a subsidiary of Creative technology, announced a new 3.5/4G smartphone and development platform for the Android and linux-based Plaszma operating systems. This new platform, dubbed TRINITY, will be powered by ZiiLABS’ StemCell system on a chip and promises to deliver 1080P video playback and 3D enhanced graphics. ZiiLABS will be hawking this platform to Chinese manufacturers at the Zii Summit 2009 which starts today in Shenzhen, China. More about TRINITY after the jump.

Garmin-ASUS dropping its own Linux system for Android, first device announcement in Q4 2009

by 5 years ago

It appears that Garmin-ASUS is giving up on the Garmin developed flavor of the Linux operating system in favor of Android.  The company’s G60 smartphone uses a custom build of Linux from before Garmin and ASUS joined forces.  Since then, it has announced an intent to develop Android smartphones in addition to its Windows Mobile smartphones. Garmin-ASUS’ Hektor Tung told CNET that the G60 will be the only device to use that custom Linux system when it becomes available later this year, and that future Linux based devices will be built upon the Android platform. When asked about the potential…

Canonical system to run Android apps on Ubuntu Linux machines

by 5 years ago

ArsTechnica has posted an interesting story about how Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, is building an Android runtime environment for the Ubuntu (and potentially other) Linux platforms. While Android is Linux and Java based, it doesn’t exactly play nice with other flavors of Linux and Java, hence the need for a layer of special sauce to go between Ubuntu and Android applications. Canonical claims that it already has a working prototype version of the Android execution environment running under Ubuntu, and that it will eventually publish the source code so that it might be used by others. [via TalkAndroid]

Android running on an old Dell Axim x51v

by 5 years ago

An Android enthusiast with an old (and discontinued) Dell Axim x51v has recently found the nerve to create a working port of Android for the device. Furthermore, we can now follow his exploits on his purpose built blog. Running the Cupcake branch of Android, the custom Axim x51v has a 624 Mhz CPU which should allow it to run the OS without breaking a sweat. More information and video after the jump.

Run X Windows X11 on your Android smartphone

by 5 years ago

A developer by the name of [ghostwalker] has managed to not only get X11 running on Android, but has also assembled a how-to guide should you feel inclined to try this type of thing for yourself. The end product of this little experiment results in you being able to literally run a fully fledged Linux desktop environment on your G1. However, there are a few little hang-ups which you will need to overcome if you are to be successful with this endeavor.

Nokia considering Linux for future phones, but sees no advantage to Android

by 5 years ago

A Nokia vice president, speaking at the company’s 2009 Nokia World event in Barcelona, said that his company is considering using the open-source Linux OS on future high-end smartphones.  Nokia already uses Linux on its Internet Tablet devices, including the WiMAX capable N810. Android is not in the cards at this point, though, since the company doesn’t seem to think that Google’s Linux OS offers any real advantages over Nokia’s own development. Having spent a lot of time over the past couple of years with Maemo based devices, though, I don’t know if that’s really the case…. [via MobileBurn]

Sharp considering Android smartphones for U.S. and Europe

by 5 years ago

It appears that as part of its push into the smartphone markets in the U.S. and Europe, Japanese manufacturer Sharp is considering Android. “We select the OS in accordance with the telecommunications carriers’ opinions, and we have no intention of setting any OS as standard. Google’s Android is one of the options.” This is not to say that Sharp will use Android, though.  The company was quick to say that it might also roll out its own Linux based smartphone OS. “We have acquired Linux technology through, for instance, the development of the Zaurus.  It is possible that we will…

Banshee media app syncs your tunes to T-Mobile’s G1

by 5 years ago

The free open source media player Banshee has hit version 1.4 and now syncs your music and playlists to the G1. It’s all automatic and works much like iTunes does with the iPhone. It even imports all the songs you’ve purchased from Amazon. Banshee as a media app is very sweet indeed, doing all the cool things a music app should with absolutely no fuss. You can read a full review here. There is a catch. Banshee is currently only available for Mac and Linux. The developers promise to have the Windows version running soon and judging by the rate…

Verizon joins LiMo’s board, bad news for Android?

by 6 years ago

Last week Verizon Wireless joined the board of the LiMo (Linux Mobile) Foundation, a group with the purpose of standardizing the Linux operating system for use on mobile devices. So far, LiMo has not been very organized, and we have not seen much in terms of material progress come from the group. But now that Verizon has joined, they are saying that we’ll see LiMo based devices in Verizon’s shops in 2009. So what does that mean for Android, LiMo’s rival Linux based mobile OS? Well, according to a piece published by Laptop Mag, it doesn’t mean much either way….