Has the hype around the Optimus G been artificially built or does LG really have something special to challenge the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 or HTC One X? While it’s a bit early to fully answer that question, some early benchmark results show the G as very capable of taking on pretty much anyone in terms of raw speed, mostly due to the featuring of a Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU.

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LG’s latest phone in the L series, the LG Optimus L9 was announced last month. Now, if a recent appearance at the FCC is any clue, it appears that the stylish phone may be headed to the USA. This is a strong clue that, unless something goes wrong, customers may finally see the first appearance of an L-series phone in the USA.


LG is sending members of the press an invite to an event that’s scheduled to take place on September 19th in New York City. Qualcomm’s logo is prominently displayed in the top right corner, which means we’re probably going to hear about the LG Optimus G.


Apple is clearly in a very, very comfortable position where it doesn’t feel the need to drastically alter every little thing about its phone every year, but it’s a different story with LG. The South Korean has no choice but to offer the latest and greatest of everything for its upcoming flagship model if it were to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive Android landscape. Let’s compare the two phones.


The LG Optimus G is one of the most exciting Android smartphones on the horizon. It marks a departure from the budget end of the market for LG and signals its intention to compete with Samsung and HTC for Android flagship status. The South Korean company has released another teaser video, this time discussing the design of its new phone.


There’s plenty of hoopla already surrounding the LG Optimus G, but the “beast” might have just become even more intriguing. We’ve seen a very cool teaser video last week, a more serious advertising clip yesterday, and now the first details about the US availability of the Optimus G availability have been leaked.

LG Optimus G

The Optimus G “beast” is LG’s contender against the Samsung Galaxy S3, GNote 2, and HTC One X for the title of best smartphone around. The 4.7-incher clearly has the qualities of an awesome phone, although it’s far too early to make any long-term predictions.