The closer we get to the official unveiling of the next Nexus, the more leaks and rumors about the device make their way onto the internets. Today, courtesy of Minsk based XDA forum member “4shael”, we now have two additional photos of the handset, plus some specs. There’s also some new information courtesy of Carphone Warehouse, a UK retailer.


Ever since the Optimus G was in its rumor phase, rumors began surfacing regarding the upcoming Google Nexus smartphone. Here’s a roundup of what to expect from the rumored upcoming LG Nexus smartphone with Android 4.2 on board.

Lg optimus nexus back

We’re painfully close to the official unveiling of the next Nexus smartphone. We say painfully because the rumor mill has reached a critical state. Every damn day we’re hearing something new, but not everything we hear is true, which makes our job that much more complicated. But enough insider baseball, let’s get to the news. Today, courtesy of an online forum in Belarus, we have images of the LG Optimus G Nexus.

T-Mobile Optimus L9

Last week Android Authority caught wind of some new information from @evleaks that suggested T-Mobile was preparing to release the LG Optimus L9. Today we have official word that T-Mobile is bring the budget handset to its network this fall.