The Optimus Vu 2 was first mentioned in August, but at the time LG was completely mum on the second gen phablet’s spec sheet and availability details. However, someone seems to have spilled the beans big-time, because Android Greed has a trio of very legit-looking images showing off the Optimus Vu 2’s new design and listing most of its features.


LG treated the 4X HD more or less like a mediocre device, releasing it in Europe in late June, in Asia soon after, but not in key markets in North America. We heard about a Canadian release scheduled for the fall ever since late July, but alas it seems like the phone won’t be hitting the major carriers we were suspecting it to.


LG is hoping that its upcoming quad-core Optimus G is going to lift the brand to new heights, from where it can look down on other companies. With no confirmation yet so far on when the phone will hit UK, there’s another quad-core offering from the Korean – the Optimus 4X HD – that you can consider, especially now that it’s been heavily discounted.


LG keeps the ball rolling with its next flagship phone, the Optimus G. After the superphone was officially introduced a couple of days ago in the company’s home country, which was then followed by a glitzy NYC-style coming out party to mark its eventual arrival in the U.S. before year’s end, LG has now announced the availability of the device for the Canadian market.


LG’s recently announce Optimus G is arguably the most powerful Android smartphone to ever be announced. It has a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 under the hood, 2 GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel camera, and just about everything you could want in a mobile phone. So why not make a Nexus version of it for the hardcore Android community?


Has the hype around the Optimus G been artificially built or does LG really have something special to challenge the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 or HTC One X? While it’s a bit early to fully answer that question, some early benchmark results show the G as very capable of taking on pretty much anyone in terms of raw speed, mostly due to the featuring of a Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU.