The design story behind LG G2

LG g2 bezel is insane1
by 9 months ago

LG has opted for the path of least resistance with their latest flagship, the LG G2. For the record, we’re smitten with its anorexic bezels, incredible performance, and much more. Of course, the button placement isn’t going to please everyone, but in our time with it so far, we think that LG has made a very intelligent decision here, and one that works well in practice. LG’s let live a video that details their design philosophy, and it’s a good watch, so be sure to check it out below. LG is arguably the leading purveyor of LCD displays in the…

iPhone 5s vs. LG G2: quick look

Apple iPhone 5s vs LG G2 aa 13
by 9 months ago

The LG G2 is dominating benchmarks, but is that something Apple’s new iPhone 5s can contend with? It’s hard to say, but read on to find out!

Must read Android: top 14 stories this week

steve kondik cyanogenmod
by 9 months ago

This week, the new Nexus got the “forgot in a bar” treatment, the One Max revealed a little more of its secrets, we peered into the future of Android KitKat and beyond, Cyanogen dropped the bomb on us, Nvidia showed us its Note, and we remembered that HP does Android.