LG G Flex curved Android phone revealed in press renders, will launch next month

by 9 months ago

We’ve just received the first press images of the LG G Flex, and it looks very, how should I say – curvaceous. Coming in at a whopping 6 inches, it’s rumored to be launching “sometime next month” according to our source. And, while specs and pricing are unknown, it’s believed that this device will be packing the very latest in both display and processing technology, meaning to say it will launch with a 1080p display, and a Snapdragon 800 SoC, though we’ll have to wait until we get this rumor confirmed. The curve of the device itself is very different from…

Must read Android: top 13 stories this week

by 9 months ago

This week, the first curved phone landed, two new Chromebooks launched, we feasted on Kit Kat leaks, we finally saw a Mini flagship phone, we learned about Android TV, and we heard some more rumors about the Galaxy S5.

What’s your favorite Android underdog? Who do you root for?

Friday Debate no text
by 9 months ago

On this edition of the Friday Debate, we discuss underdogs. Everyone loves a good underdog story, and the world of tech regularly offers examples of companies that were dismissed as failures, only to prove ultimately naysayers wrong. So, who’s your favorite Android underdog? What company deserves to be on top but isn’t for some reason? Who would you want to see replace Samsung as king of the hill?