LG Optimus LTE2

Some time ago, we brought you news of LG’s intent to create a new flagship phone. They now have a video teaser site up that shows just that and nothing more. The name has been switched from the ‘D1L’ and will be a ‘2nd gen’ quad core device, unlike the 4X HD which hit Europe in June.

LG VS930 Optimus LTE2

Verizon is sure having a busy month of new releases. Set to join the ranks of other notable offerings like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE is LG’s own VS930. The proof... is in the freshly leaked pictures of the phone, which have been spotted by Engadget.

The LG VS930 will most likely take the torch from LG Spectrum (VS920) and continue LG’s run in the increasi...

LG LTE sales

While we all know that LG’s popularity in the smartphone world is no match to that of Apple, Samsung, or HTC, some recent financial reports are solid proof that Koreans are not doing that... bad after all.

The company’s Q1 2012 profits in the mobile sector have doubled year-over-year and have significantly increased for the second quarter in a row. It’s true, earnings and prof...


A little over two weeks after officially announcing the Optimus LTE2’s coming, LG has already put the new smartphone up for sale in its native land, South Korea. The Optimus LTE’s successor... is not the most affordable handheld out there, but it will come with some great tech specs, including one that pushes that really pushes the envelope.

If you’ve been following us for more than a lit...


After the unveiling of the Optimus LTE2 and the launch of the Optimus 4X HD, it’s obvious that LG is trying to make a push in the high-end smartphone market niche, where it’s currently... no match for the likes of Apple, Samsung, or even HTC.

However, that was just part one of LG’s offensive, with part two coming now in the form of a newly unveiled user interface set to enrich the And...

LG Optimus LTE2

Just as Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S3 in front of a huge online and offline audience, LG made a similar announcement that for some reason, went unnoticed. LG wants some attention, folks.

The... Optimus LTE2 is the most recent monster phone to come from one of Samsung’s longstanding competitors and, while some technical details about the device are still blurry, what we do know makes us think that...