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Google Wifi review

by David Imel 3 days ago13 comments

Polar M600 review

by Jimmy Westenberg 1 week ago5 comments

OnePlus 3T review

by Lanh Nguyen 3 weeks ago46 comments
143 articles

Turn your phone into a baseball speed radar with Scoutee

Scoutee aims to end all your pitching woes by becoming your very own portable baseball speed detector, providing you with all the data you need to improve your skills or impress ...
by Edgar CervantesSeptember 22, 20151

Nextbit Robin Kickstarter campaign surpasses $1,000,000 in funding

We weren't sure if the Next Bit Robin would be a hit or miss, but now it turns out their Kickstarter campaign is doing amazingly. Nextbit just doubled their funding goal, breaking $1 ...
by Edgar CervantesSeptember 16, 20155

Nextbit is Kickstarting its Robin “cloud-first” smartphone. (Update: passes goal in 10 hours)

The Nextbit Robin is a cloud storage oriented smartphone now looking for backers on Kickstarter.
by Robert TriggsSeptember 2, 201530

Micro-Flip: a reversible microUSB cable (not USB-C)

Sadly, it's taking a while for all manufacturers to adopt USB Type-C. Still want reversible plugs? Don't worry, Codistas is making it possible with its new Micro-Flip cables and adapters.
by Edgar CervantesAugust 13, 201524

GNARBOX – a complete photo & video editing machine that fits in your pocket

Want to do more high quality photo/video editing on-the-go? Let us introduce you to the GNARBOX, the first editing hardware that can fit right in your pocket.
by Edgar CervantesAugust 9, 20159

Z E1: a connected high-quality camera with interchangeable lenses

Portable cameras can be very limited, so Z Camera has taken it upon itself to create the smallest camera with 4K support and interchangeable lenses. Let's check it out!
by Edgar CervantesJuly 22, 20156

UBIK UNO is a $345 smartphone funding on Kickstarter

The UBIK UNO is an affordable smartphone, priced at just $345, looking for Kickstarter funding to begin mass producing its phone for the US market.
by Robert TriggsJuly 21, 201515

Mosaic battery, storage and WiFi pack hits Kickstarter

PowerStick is back with its second Kickstarter campaign, this time for a battery and WiFi storage packed called Mosaic.
by Robert TriggsJuly 21, 20155

Znaps adds a magnetic charging port to any smartphone

We may not love Apple too much around here, but we gotta give it to them for making the MagSafe chargers. Those chargers are brilliant, and thanks to Znaps we can now enjoy something ...
by Edgar CervantesJuly 18, 201525

You can now back and order the Remix Mini Android PC from Kickstarter for just $20

The Android-powered Remix Mini PC has just made its way to Kickstarter and can be yours for the low price of $20.
by Jimmy WestenbergJuly 15, 201515
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