gamestick console

Having already surpassed its required funding, GameStick have announced some stretch goals. If the goals are reached, users will have the option to choose the device’s colors, and there’s potential for MicroSD support as well.


After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Carbon Audio launched its Zooka Bluetooth speaker exclusively in Apple stores back in August. Now it’s going to be much easier to get your hands on one, because as of October 6, the Zooka is now available in Target stores nationwide.


The Everpurse phone charger is basically a purse with an insert for a smartphone. The insert is fitted with a charging dock that charges your phone whenever you put inside. To charge the purse itself, just place it on the bundled wireless charging mat. According to the Kickstarter page, the purse can provide enough energy to charge an iPhone twice.


When it comes to attracting pledges and attention from Android and iOS users everywhere, it’s hard to call the Pebble smartwatch anything other than a massive success. The idea of a smartwatch with its own apps and the ability to connect to a smartphone through Bluetooth is certainly compelling enough. While an official release date has yet to be settled on, Pebble has recently posted a video demo of the smartphone UI to its Kickstarter page in order to generate some new excitement for the watch’s user interface.


There have been some cool projects on Kickstarter recently like Ouya, Ringbow and Chameleon to name a few. This piece is dedicated to another great innovation: Chargecard. What it appears to be at first glance, is a mobile USB storage device. But those days are nearly over with internal storage on smartphones and tablets going up with each release. What Chargecard’s role in the mobile world is a USB charging cable squashed into a wallet size frame. Who carries a USB charging cable anyways? Most phones these days meet daily power demands, with a rare few needing a late evening charge, perhaps. But for those…


For those that don’t remember it, Wings was a classic World War I game that featured dog fights, top down bombing, and more. While the game had an arcade style to it, there was quite a bit of depth and a reasonably solid story as well. $15 support via Kickstarter gets you an updated HD copy for Android, iOS and PC.


The Ouya Kickstarter campaign certainly had a strong run, ending last night after generating roughly $8.5 million in pledges with over 60,000 backers. During Ouya’s time on Kickstarter, we all certainly had a pretty interesting ride. What started out as a small, meager attempt at building a $99 Android gaming console, soon turned out to be a unique Tegra 3 device that has quickly won its way into several partnerships with companies such as Square Enix, TuneIn, XBMC and possibly Namco Bandai. With its solid crowdfunding campaign behind it, Ouya has now turned towards its own site to continue pushing…