Amazon brings cool new updates to the Cloud Player, including “scan and match”

amazon cloud player
by 1 year ago

It’s no news that Amazon, Google, and Apple are all making huge efforts to keep up with each other in the various convergent markets that they are targeting as major players. But it sure is interesting to observe how each one of these tech giants is taking the necessary steps to catch up or get ahead. Today, I’m here to report on Amazon’s recently announced updates to their Cloud Player music streaming platform, updates that aren’t innovative, as we’ve seen all of them as being integrated in either Google’s Music or Apple’s iTunes. The first update that Amazon brought to…

Should we be able to resell the apps, music and ebooks we have paid for?

google play
by 1 year ago

It’s a question that has come into prevalence with the rise of digital media. Do we actually own apps, music, ebooks, and other content we use, and can we legally resell them individually, or along with our devices? As one medium of information gives way to another, the question of ownership of content will usually come into place. This is especially important with the popularity of digital media. In one way, the analog medium has given way to digital, mostly due to convenience. It’s more convenient to buy digital music than physical CDs. It’s quicker to purchase and download e-books…

Samsung launches Music Hub with the S3, offers 100 GB cloud storage and unlimited streaming

by 2 years ago

The Galaxy S2, Nexus, and Galaxy Note, all released during the last year or so, have made Samsung the absolute champion of the Android smartphone world, the company’s sales and profits reaching record heights lately. However, if you thought that Sammy will rest on its laurels and not try to push the envelope even further, you thought dead wrong and the best proof is the S3’s unveiling and release. Aside from the hardware, which makes the new flagship probably the snappiest smartphone around, the S3 also proves that Samsung is trying to do everything better and to conquer other market…

What’s next for Android and iOS now that we’ve seen the Windows 8 preview?

by 2 years ago

It’s been a couple of weeks since Microsoft released its consumer preview of Windows 8, and the general consensus from desktop users is, so far –  “where is the Start button?” Microsoft has intentionally forced a single, new user interface, known as Metro, on desktop and tablet users alike. The reason for this is that Microsoft is starting to panic about how it can compete with Android and iOS. It (wrongly) thinks this: if everyone has to use Metro on the desktop then they will use it on a tablet too, as it provides a uniform, interconnected, compatible experience from the desktop to the tablet….

How to Stream iTunes Playlists and Songs from Desktop to Android

by 2 years ago

Ever wanted to be somewhere else in your house but still be able to access music on your computer? TuneSync HomeStream makes it possible to remotely stream iTunes music and playlists from your PC or Mac to your Android device. Sounds too good to be true? It gets even better. All it requires is that your device and your computer share the same Wi-Fi network and to have the TuneSync HomeStream app installed on your phone and its TuneSync server installed on your computer. TuneSync Server is available for both Windows and Mac OS X and like the app, it’s…

Sync iTunes with Android – How to Transfer iTunes Music to Android

by 2 years ago

It is sometimes very frustrating if you have devices that are incompatible and you can’t sync your files because they have different formats. If you have a Mac computer and an Android tablet/phone, for instance, you will most likely have your music organized on iTunes. Android is not really iTunes-friendly, and iTunes is not exactly Android-friendly.  Thus, you may have a hard time synchronizing your music between the two devices. Fortunately, we have a great tutorial for you, guaranteed to sync iTunes with your Android device. Requirements Don’t get too excited on how to sync your Android device with iTunes…

How to Use Moodagent App to Automatically Categorize Your Music Library According to Your Mood

by 2 years ago

If there’s one thing missing from the Android, it would be iTunes Genius feature. For those who don’t know what this is, it is actually an intelligent feature found on iTunes which automatically creates a playlist based on the genre and mood of the songs found in the existing library. Think of it as a personalized DJ whose job is to create a playlist of songs that will complement one another. Thankfully, Android users can get the same feature on an app we recently discovered. Just like its name, Moodagent is an app that sorts the music library into different…

Will Google Music Become Bigger and Better than iTunes?

by 2 years ago

After releasing Google Music Beta a while back, people started to become suspicious. It would only be fair that Android users have access to buying music and listening to it like their iOS counterparts. The Music beta started off by allowing users to upload their whole iTunes library to Google’s “cloud”. After doing so, users would be able to listen to their music on smart phones and computers anywhere there they had internet access, be it through 3G, 4G, or WiFi. Additionally, the music files could be saved locally for offline listening. So the ultimate question is, will Google Music be…

How to Sync iTunes Library with Your Android Device Wirelessly

by 2 years ago

Has Android’s poor music integration got you down? Say hello to Google Music Beta and other iTunes syncing software. Below, we have put together 3 of the best programs that will allow you to sync your iTunes library to your Android phone regardless of your computer’s operating system. Google Music Beta Google Music offers the ability to stream your music to your phone, but also to keep your song files on your phone for offline use. Google Music is for Mac and Windows. Sign-Up So, let’s walk through the process that has been made public by Phandroid. First we got…

iOS 5′s Top 6 Features That Android Users Already or Can Also Enjoy

by 2 years ago

  The recently released iPhone 4S–bearing the latest iOS 5–has brought fascinating features that will truly entertain iPhone users, leaving many non-Apple users drooling. Android users, however, are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy some of iOS 5’s lovely features–not necessarily in an exactly similar experience, but in a similar experience of functionality. And, so, in this post, we discuss six of the “most-coveted” iOS 5 functionalities that many Android users don’t know are already within their reach. Rather than arguing about which operating system is better, this post instead alerts Android users to the presence of apps and…