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by Joshua Vergara 2 days ago123 comments

8 ways the Galaxy S8 is objectively better than the iPhone 7

by Kris Carlon 3 days ago169 comments

Galaxy on Fire 3: why it dares to have an ending

by Scott Adam Gordon 2 days ago9 comments

Have phones become too expensive?

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NVIDIA suing Samsung and Qualcomm over GPUs, could block Galaxy Note 4 shipments

NVIDIA is taking Samsung and Qualcomm to court over patents relating to GPU technology. They seek to block shipments of Galaxy Note 4 and a number of other prominent Samsung devices.
by Jonathan FeistSeptember 5, 201450

Apple wins again: Obama administration doesn’t veto ITC import ban against Samsung

The Obama administration did not veto an ITC import ban won by Apple against certain Samsung mobile devices. Read on for more details.
by Chris SmithOctober 8, 201352

ITC issues import and sales ban on select Samsung devices

The International Trade Commission ruled today that a number of Samsung devices infringed on Apple design patents
by Kyle WiggersAugust 9, 201330

Obama vetoes older iPhone, iPad sales ban won by Samsung at the ITC

The Obama administration has vetoed the ITC ban on older iPhone and iPad models that was won by Samsung in the U.S.
by Chris SmithAugust 3, 201343

Google and Motorola have another patent thrown out by the ITC

Google has been dealt another blow after the ITC threw out the final patent in a Motorola Mobility case against Apple.
by Adam KoueiderApril 24, 20131

Apple vs Samsung ITC case sanctions could include 88% smartphone value bond paid by Android maker

Earlier today we told you that Samsung faces a fine of up to $15 billion in Europe and now we hear there’s even more bad news for the South Korean Android maker coming from the ITC.
by Chris SmithDecember 29, 2012

Motorola patent not good enough against Apple, ITC judge says

Apple has obtained another victory against Google-owned Motorola, as an ITC judge found in a preliminary ruling that the iPhone maker is not violating a Motorola proximity sensor patent ...
by Chris SmithDecember 18, 20126

Qualcomm calls out Apple, says it should be “embarassed” of some of its actions

Qualcomm is not pulling its punches over the FRAND argument that Apple is currently engaged in with Samsung and Motorola. When it comes to standard-essential patents Qualcomm stated ...
by Simon HillDecember 12, 20121

ITC to review patent judgement that earlier favored Apple

The International Trade Commission will review an earlier decision by a judge that has ruled in favor of Apple in a patent infringement case filed by Samsung. If overturned, this could ...
by J. Angelo RacomaNovember 20, 20121

One step forward, two steps back: ITC rules that Samsung infringes four new Apple patents

We’ve had plenty of twists and turns in the Apple vs Samsung patent war over the last few months, but things have gotten crazier than ever these past couple of weeks. Sammy seemed ...
by AdrianOctober 25, 201220
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