Burn! Galaxy S3 outsold the iPhone 4S in the US after trial verdict

by 1 year ago

In a very ironical twist of events, it seems that Samsung sales in the US (particularly sales of the S3) have been boosted in the wake of the trial’s verdict, while Apple sales have plummeted. According to Trip Chowdhry, managing director at Global Equities Research, customers across the States “rushed” to buy Sammy’s flagship device in this past week.

Apple iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

by 1 year ago

I don’t know why, but whenever a new Android flagship gets officially announced, almost every single person that has ever owned a smartphone starts comparing that smartphone with the latest version of Apple’s iPhone. If it’s a Samsung smartphone, the situation gets even worse. Add into context the latest legal showdown between Samsung and Apple, and you’ll understand why, the moment Samsung has officially announced all the details regarding its Samsung Galaxy Note 2, everyone started comparing this second gen phablet to the iPhone 4S in the back of their minds. Just in case you happen to fall into this…

Galaxy S3, iPhone 4S, Lumia 900 – what annoys you the most in your smartphone?

by 2 years ago

No matter how cool your smartphone is, especially if it’s a top-of-the-line or flagship device from your favorite manufacturer, it’s bound to experience some issues that are generally observed during day-to-day usage. These issues may have been overlooked by the manufacturer during testing but they’ll certainly annoy various smartphone owners during regular usage. In its smartphone report, FixYa has listed the most common issues that affect the smartphone experience for various devices including the Samsung Galaxy S3, the iPhone 4S, the Nokia Lumia 900, the HTC Titan II, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the BlackBerry Curve. What’s interesting to note…

Motorola RAZR MAXX tops Verizon sale charts as the iPhone loses its first US battle

motorola razr vs apple iphone 4s
by 2 years ago

According to Anil Doradla, a financial analyst with global investment banking and asset management firm William Blair, the Apple iPhone has stopped being the best selling smartphone at Verizon for the current quarter. This marks a premiere since the iPhone was first released at Verizon, as well as since the first iPhone reached AT&T back on June 29, 2007. Up until now, after each quarter, the Apple iPhone was declared the best selling smartphone at every single North American carrier it landed on. Continuing among these lines, it should be mentioned that despite the slightly smaller success of the iPhone…

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S Drop Test!

by 2 years ago

Yesterday we did a terrible thing. We took a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 and purposefully dropped it multiple times for you. It was awful to watch, but we know that our viewers get a strange enjoyment from cell phone obliteration. We also dropped a brand new iPhone 4S and filmed that too! Before we get to the real fun, let’s take a look at how the iPhone 4s matches up to the Galaxy S3. Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4s This video is mostly for your amusement but it does have a slight undertone of consumer advice. Some people –…

Good girl gone bad Carly promotes T-Mobile’s One S in new ad

T-Mobile Carly
by 2 years ago

If you’re familiar with Carly Foulkes, T-Mobile’s spokeswoman that has appeared in the carrier’s ads since 2010, but you haven’t watched the news lately, you might be in for a real shocker today. “The cute girl in the pink dress” is now Bad Girl Carly and two recent ads promoting T-Mobile’s HTC One S are set to raise your blood pressure significantly in a matter of seconds. While the One S should have been the star of the new TV commercials, T-Mobile has risked a bit, attracting all male eyes on Carly, who is rocking a leather suit on an…

T-Mobile’s latest ad mocks speed of AT&T’s iPhone 4S as slow

by 2 years ago

It looks like T-Mobile has decided to take a swipe at AT&T and the iPhone 4S in their latest ad campaign, which isn’t really an original concept. The ad begins with a fairly dim witted looking guy cruising slowly on a motorbike, meant to represent the iPhone on AT&T’s network. Along comes a motorbike at breakneck speed (yes, that’s the 4G one), with a hot lady at the helm, and she rips by in the blink of an eye. All the while, T-Mobile asks the viewer to contemplate the answer to the question: “If this is the speed of the…

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4S – no contest here, folks

by 2 years ago

I’m sure you’re all hungering after this! A comparison between Samsung’s new Flagship phone, the Galaxy S3, and Apple’s iPhone 4S. Video Screen Size The screen of the iPhone is laughable when compared next to the Samsung Galaxy S3. The iPhone may have it’s ‘Retina Display’, but the high resolution of the SGS3 spread over 4.8inches is even more lovely to look at. Apple should understand that big screens are what people want and studies have proven this. Weight The iPhone 4S has less inside it, but weighs more! Samsung have set another marker in pioneering light smartphones with even…

HTC One X and iPhone 4S pitted against each other in camera face off

by 2 years ago

The One X is HTC’s new flagship and, even though it hasn’t yet been made available in the United States and most other important markets, is one of the hottest Android handsets around. With a Tegra 3 quad-core processor under the hood, a very thin body, and a sophisticated and stylish look, the One X is certainly one of Android’s biggest  hopes in the everlasting battle against the iPhone. But aside from the awesome performance and cool looks, the guys at HTC are also confident that they’ll make a difference with the rear-facing camera on the One X, a camera that…