HTC Amaze vs iPhone 4S – Superphone Skirmish

by 2 years ago

HTC’s latest Android Superphone – the HTC Amaze is, in our opinion, a bit of an unknown device, but it’s packing specs that demand it be taken very seriously. In this piece, we compare it to Apple’s latest – the iPhone 4S. Which one will come out on top? Overview Amaze 4G After posing for a nice little press shot back in late September, the HTC Amaze 4G is now the star of a “Silent Video Walkthrough” created by the Youtube user Ktwist311. The voice-less video shows off both the hardware and the operating system. T-Mobile recently confirmed that the Amaze…

WOW! Apple Provides Misleading Evidence to Court. Again

Webwereld reconstructed Apple evidence
by 2 years ago

This is unbelievable, and it’s really starting to get ridiculous. Apparently Apple was so satisfied with the result of the first injunction in Germany, where they manipulated the image of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to make it the same size and give it a more 4:3 ratio, so they can “prove” that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is “virtually identical” to the iPad, that they decided to do it once again at the Court in Netherlands, this time for the Galaxy S smartphone. Apple provided the Court with this evidence while trying to show “an example of the similarity relevant to…

Motorola DROID costs more to make than the iPhone 3GS, Nexus One

by 4 years ago

iSuppli did a teardown analysis of the Motorola DROID and discovered that the DROID, from a manufacturing point of view, is one of the most expensive handsets on the market. Total materials and assembly costs for the DROID total $187.75, topping the $178.96 for the 16GB iPhone 3GS and the $174.15 for the Nexus One. The single most expensive part of the DROID was not some internal component but the $35 removable 16GB microSD that ships with the DROID. Topping the list of integrated components is the 3.7-inch LCD display which sports 16 million colors, a resolution of 854 by…

Best. Nexus One. Preview. Thus Far.

by 4 years ago

The guys at Gizmodo got some face to face time with the Nexus One and provide us with the best hand-on preview of the phone thus far. They compare the Nexus One to the iPhone 3GS and the Motorola DROID and cover everything from the feel of the phone all the way down to the JavaScript performance of the web browser. The take home message is that the Nexus One, when it debuts, will be the best Android phone to date. It is fast, sleek, and has a beautiful display. Though it scores slightly behind the iPhone 3GS in Javascript…