The iPad mini is not a “budget” tablet at all. With prices starting at $329 the budget Android tablet manufacturers can rest easy. The iPad mini is just another underwhelming, expensive release from Apple and this time it is a late entrant to a segment of the tablet market that is really starting to take off.


Now that you know what the iPad mini has to offer, we’ll also tell you when the device will hit stores and how much it will cost, since one of the battles we’ll be following this holiday Christmas is the one fought in the tablet market where Apple, Google and Microsoft are about to clash for market share and profits.


Apple’s iPad mini event – although the company has unveiled other products today as well, including the unexpected iPad 4 – is underway in California, and the 7.9-inch iOS 6 tablet is now official.

ipad mini vs nexus 7

A few days ago we told you that Apple is reportedly going to unveil the 7.85-inch iPad mini during a special media event set for October 23. Now, that date seems to be even more likely considering that Reuters is also reporting that the smaller iPad will be officially announced next week, on October 23.