iPhone 5 bests Galaxy S3, Nexus 7 and iPad 3 in Geekbench benchmark – certain conditions apply

by 1 year ago

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5 a few days ago, but as usually, the company forgot to mention more details about its processor and RAM, although it did say that the new smartphone will pack a CPU that’s twice faster than the A5 found on the iPhone 4S and 22% smaller. Apple also said the iPhone 5’s GPU will offer twice the performance of its predecessor, again, without mentioning any details about it.

iPad 3 vs ASUS Transformer Prime with Android 4.0: Gaming FIGHT!

by 2 years ago

There is an ongoing battle for world domination in the field of technology, which is especially prominent in the mobile phone and tablet industry. As it’s customary in such epic fights,  the best of the best are pitted against each other, and we, the spectators, witness how the process of natural selection takes its course (Over dramatic, I know, but essentially true). In this segment, we will pit one of the best Android tablets currently available, the ASUS Transformer Prime, against the newly released iPad 3. And, the battlefield of choice is gaming! Introducing the ASUS Transformer Prime with Android 4.0 vs…

Why the New iPad 3 May Be Slower than iPad 2. Wait, What?

by 2 years ago

“Quad core tablet”, “four times the graphics performance of Tegra 3″, “the second coming of Jesus Christ – again”, and of course all the usual “amazing, spectacular, magical and all the other attributes we’ve heard before about any new Apple device, appeared once again in the Apple media a couple of days ago. Except many of those are not exactly true – well perhaps the “magical” one is – I mean who can argue with that? We don’t have any actual benchmarks done by 3rd parties yet, but from what I can tell, the iPad 3 is first of all…

Best Android Tablets vs New iPad

by 2 years ago

Modern tablets offer genuine visual delight. The crisp images, vivid colors, and luscious contrasts make us forget that we are staring at a screen, opening up a universe of images and motion that we can control with a simple swipe. All this eye-candy is made possible by complex technologies that most of us barely understand. Luckily, we don’t need to understand them – we can just enjoy our high resolution tablets without worrying about OLEDs, sub-pixels, or in-plane switching. High and ultra-high resolution tablets are all the rage this year. On March 7 Apple announced the next generation of the…

Apple iPad 3 Against the Android Army

by 2 years ago

An epic battle between the ruler of the tablet universe and the tablets of Android-land is about to begin once more. In other words, it is that time of year again when Apple shows to the rest of the world what the company has been cooking in its minimalist kitchen – which is often followed by the usual praises, bickering and back and forth arguments amongst critics and users. In case you didn’t receive the memo, we should inform you that Apple is expected to unveil the upcoming iPad 3 on March 7. (If rumors are to be believed, it may…

Asus Transformer Prime TF700T vs iPad 3: Battle of the Best

by 2 years ago

You thought 2011 was going to be the year of the tablets, but ended up disappointed with the showing of tablets in 2011? I don’t blame you. Both Google and the initial tablet manufacturers screwed up with the launch of the “real tablets” with Android 3.0x Honeycomb. Google did it with the half-baked Honeycomb, and it was obvious it was rushed with Motorola scrambling to release it before the iPad 2, with features that weren’t even ready for launch. Little good did that do for them, when they released the Xoom with a starting price of $800, which brings me…