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265 articles

Augmented reality laser tag app called Hex3 AppTag hits Android and iOS

Remember the good old days of carrying around the big gun and wearing that pseudo armor? Running around in rooms that featured multicolored strobe lights and fog machines? Now, you can ...
by Joe HindySeptember 24, 20123

Could Android be on a downward track?

Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8 for tablets, is probably the best attempt Windows 8 has had in mobile. Pair it with iOS 6, and Android is facing its strongest competition yet. Can little ...
by Joe HindySeptember 19, 2012173

Yahoo! employee smartphones: iPhone 5, Android, Windows Phone (anything but BlackBerry)

We earlier wrote a news story that Yahoo! would be overhauling the company's smartphone policy. Among the new CEO Marissa Mayer's strategic shifts when she came onboard as chief ...
by J. Angelo RacomaSeptember 17, 20123

New and improved YouTube app out for iOS now

We reported on the revelation a while back that Apple will not be including a YouTube app in iOS 6, the new version of its mobile platform. YouTube was a default app, although Apple ...
by Simon HillSeptember 12, 20124

Quelle surprise! Android still (mostly) dominates the worldwide market. Also, size matters

We’ve seen many a statistics that compare sales numbers between different platforms, but not many have touched upon the subject of screen size and how it affects consumer behavior. Do ...
by Bams SadewoSeptember 4, 20126

Android and iOS devices adopted faster than any other consumer tech ever

Android and iOS devices are being adopted faster than any other consumer technology in history. The smartphone revolution is worldwide and it is far from over.
by Simon HillAugust 28, 20121

Fruit vs. Robot game pits Apple against Android [If only companies could settle out of court this way]

If you want to get involved in the epic legal war, you can now have a say even if your name is not Lucy Koh or Florian Mueller. A new mobile game pits Apple against Android in a fun way.
by J. Angelo RacomaAugust 26, 20121

Singapore innovates a neat green app for transportation

Taxi riding is about to change significantly, if local Singaporean startup GoMyWay, well.. has its way. “We believe GoMyWay gives Singaporeans a viable commuting alternative, which ...
by nathanAugust 24, 2012

Facebook Android app updated, but not good enough

Facebook has updated its Android app with event creation and support for photos and emoji in messages. But the incremental update is nothing compared to the latest iOS release, which ...
by J. Angelo RacomaAugust 23, 201223

comScore: Android bags 64% smartphone market share in Japan, way ahead of you-know-what

Another day, another region to conquer. When it comes to the preferences of smartphone buyers in Japan, it seems they like their gadgets to come in Android flavor.
by Bams SadewoAugust 21, 2012
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