Mobile application development has been on the rise since it first started. This makes sense, as mobile operating systems like Android and iOS have skyrocketed in popularity over the last half a decade. With so many phones out there and so many more predicted to sell, it is predicted that application development, which has already created 512,000 new jobs, will continue to grow at a very quick pace over the next half a decade.


Lockitron is a two piece system that allows you to lock your doors via your phone. Any phone, doesn’t matter if it’s dumb or smart. You install the dead bolt piece over your current dead bolt and then link it to your cell phone. Then you can use a friendly user interface if you have a smart phone or a text system if you have a dumb phone. Lockitron is preparing to sell their second wave of keyless lock systems and pre-orders are available now.

Google Street View-w630

Google is still actively maintaining the mobile web version of Google Maps. Yes, that’s HTML5, and this means it’s cross-platform (assuming you have a compatible browser). If you’re using an iOS device or any other mobile devices with a capable browser, just fire up mobile Safari and head on to Is this an acceptable alternative to the native app — on Android, iOS and other platforms?


Every time a new version of the iPhone hits the market we get a slew of articles from tech writers explaining why they are switching to Apple’s latest wonderphone and leaving the fractured hell that is Android behind. Obviously this kind of article is classic clickbait and fair enough, writers want people to read their articles and it’s their job to deliver eyeballs. The fact that most of them are full of fatuous reasoning and lack any real substance is what tends to aggravate the reading public.