Android is now hotter than iOS, especially among younger generations

by 1 year ago

In the heat of the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit, a judge in one of the international court cases ruled that Samsung’s Android products were not as cool as the Apple iPad, and hence the Korean company could not have succeeded in copying the iPad’s iconic design. Well, we now have data from consumer research, and it seems that Android, as a platform, is now considered the new cool kid on the block.

Strategy Analytics claims there are now over one billion smartphones in use

by 1 year ago

It took 16 years since the first smart phone came out, but the number of smartphones in use has recently exceeded one billion. According to Strategy Analytics, that equals about 1 out of every 7 people who now own a smartphone. With major smartphone companies like Apple, Samsung, HTC, and Motorola raking in billions of dollars a year, it’s not surprise they’re being so competitive.

Mobile Application Development has helped create more half a million jobs in the United States

by 1 year ago

Mobile application development has been on the rise since it first started. This makes sense, as mobile operating systems like Android and iOS have skyrocketed in popularity over the last half a decade. With so many phones out there and so many more predicted to sell, it is predicted that application development, which has already created 512,000 new jobs, will continue to grow at a very quick pace over the next half a decade.

Lockitron could mean the end to the house key and all other deadbolt based locks

by 1 year ago

Lockitron is a two piece system that allows you to lock your doors via your phone. Any phone, doesn’t matter if it’s dumb or smart. You install the dead bolt piece over your current dead bolt and then link it to your cell phone. Then you can use a friendly user interface if you have a smart phone or a text system if you have a dumb phone. Lockitron is preparing to sell their second wave of keyless lock systems and pre-orders are available now.