After Nexus 7 launch, Instapaper sees 600% growth

by 1 year ago

I had a feeling that the Nexus 7, if successful (which apparently it is), would encourage developers later on to write apps optimized for Android tablets, something that the Android ecosystem is lacking right now. Although the developer of Instapaper itself has long delayed making his app available for Android, he finally allowed “others” to make an Instapaper client for Android, and split the revenues with them. It seems that was a wise decision and it was made right on time, because the makers of the Android Instapaper client are claiming 600% sales growth in the days after the Nexus 7…

Pocket for Android gets “True Black” theme and other improvements

by 2 years ago

Even though the popular Instapaper launched recently on Android for $2.99, Pocket (formerly named Read It Later), has been available for quite a long time on Android, and it has been free. The maker of Instapaper for Android, Marco Arment didn’t think Android was worth his time, unless someone decided to make the app for him, and split the money 50-50. It looks like he’s finally found someone to do that, but Pocket team is not going to sit idle and wait for Instapaper to take any users from them, even if they are starting way behind and it costs…

Instapaper comes a bit late to the read-it-later apps party for Android

instapaper for android
by 2 years ago

Instapaper, one of the major players in the read-it-later apps space, just made an appearance on Google Play. Coming a little late to the party, it’s quite interesting that Marco Arment, the app’s developer, decided to make the app available for a fee. The decision is surprising, since you can grab similar apps, like Pocket (previously Read It Later) for free,  which makes Instapaper come off as a bit pricey. But maybe that’s just me. Some of you might find it perfectly reasonable to spend $2.99 for Instapaper, and I won’t prevent you from spending your own money. That said,…