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Instamap: Viewing geotagged Instagram photos on Google Maps

by: Carl ParkerJuly 4, 2012

Nothing is more refreshing than having the chance to take a peek at different local places or even distant parts of the world without actually having to deal with the hassles of traveling.

Say for example, you want to see the recently opened Sky Tree Tower in Japan, but you don’t have the luxury of time to go out of the country and leave your job. Perhaps you’d settle on just letting it pass, while hoping that someday, the chance would come knocking on your door. But, more often than not, you feel inclined to find ways to see the view without compromising your entire business.

You may not be able to fly out to the destination of your dreams just yet [...]

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Instagram for Android updated, comes with improved search functionality and bug fixes

by: AdrianJune 26, 2012

Although some may have considered it a passing whim, Instagram is becoming more popular by the day, both on iOS and on Android. In Google Play, the free photo sharing program has crossed the 10 million download mark a while ago, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see the 50 million landmark reached sometime soon.

Part of the app’s monster success is owed to the consistent support offered by developers, who’ve now announced the release of yet another Instagram update. Both the iOS and the Android versions have received the new update, but iPhone users should be happy to find out that their improvements and tweaks are far more significant than the ones pushed out to the [...]

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Facebook mobile app to get Instagram-like picture treatment

by: Bams SadewoMay 16, 2012

With more and more people accessing the web on their mobile devices, web companies strive create apps that can recreate a full web browsing experience, albeit in a simpler package. A consistent user interface across devices can drive people to use it more, which is vital for companies like Facebook, that increasingly depend on mobile ads.

The latest revision of the Facebook app for Android and iOS, as well as its mobile site, brings an improved design for the posts in news feed. Gone are the days when you had to squint your eyes to figure out the thumbnail pictures in the news feed. The photos in the feed will now show up three times bigger. Aside from that, the [...]

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Wondering why Facebook is so focused on mobile? Here’s a possible answer

by: AdrianMay 9, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and one of the youngest billionaires in the world, shocked us all when he announced that Facebook would purchase Instagram for $1 billion. The deal went through immediately, and, while most industry pundits saw it as the action of an eccentric, wealthy young man, the acquisition might have been part of a well-thought “strategy” after all.

At least that’s what financial analysts are claiming after reviewing the results of a very interesting ComScore report. According to the report, people actually spend more time on Facebook on their mobile devices over than their PCs.

The study was conducted in the US, but its results [...]

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Beware of fake Instagram app that contains malware

by: Gary SimsApril 19, 2012

Instagram has been in the news a lot recently. It launched on Android only a few weeks ago and enjoyed over 1 million downloads on its first day on Google Play. Then Facebook decided to buy the 13 person company for $1 billion! Naturally, the Facebook purchase rocketed the app to even greater popularity with the  acquisition being covered by the mainstream media.

When a cyber criminal sees something popular, especially on a mobile device, it becomes a very tempting target and Instagram has been no different. A Russian group has created a fake Instagram web site which offers downloads of the app directly from the site (rather than from Google Play) and, in doing so, is [...]

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Video: Jon Stewart pokes fun at Google Glass and Instagram

by: Bams SadewoApril 16, 2012

If you can dream it, Google can probably make it. And if you’re lucky, it’ll spawn countless parodies on YouTube and end up on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show.  We’re talking about Google Glass and Instagram, two sizzling topics of last week that have somewhat irked the host, all in jest, of course.

In his usual irreverent style, Jon Stewart wonders about the absurdity of Google Glass and the recent acquisition of Instagram by Facebook.  Does the comedian extraordinaire think that Google is “the world’s biggest database of people whizzing in public?” Did he really say that Instagram ruins pictures? Why would Facebook pay $1 billion for that? And where does a time machine [...]

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Instagram for Android updated (again), now supporting the HTC One X

by: AdrianApril 11, 2012

Only eight days have passed since Instagram for Android has been made available for download on Google Play, but so much has happened over this week. The Android app has already been downloaded more than five million times and two updates have made their way to the Play Store. Oh, and I almost forgot – Facebook will pay one billion dollars to acquire Instagram.

I don’t know about you, but I’d call that a pretty darn good week. And even though some might rest on their laurels after such a wild ride, enjoy the success, and pop a different champagne bottle every half an hour, the people behind Instagram’s success are once again showing us they are in this [...]

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Facebook agrees to buy Instagram for $1Billion Dollars [Breaking News]

by: SamApril 9, 2012

A few days ago we had some articles on Instagram, the immensely popular photo-editing and sharing application. It gained unbelievable momentum on iOS, and was released to Android late last month.

Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerberg announced their planned acquisition of the application for One Billion dollars ($1,000,000,000) on his public Timeline. This compensation is understood to be a mixture of Cash and Stock.

It seems that Instagram will continue to be built as a separate entity to Facebook, but the services will start to have increasing inter-network ties to one another.

An important point to note in the letter is:

“We think the [...]

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Quick review: Instagram for Android!

by: SamApril 4, 2012

After what seemed to be an endless wait, Instagram for Android is finally here! The app was officially announced last month at SXSW, but only became available in Google Play yesterday, starting off a download craze that propelled the app almost instantly to the top of the download charts. Those of you who have been envious on the vintage looking images found in countless Facebook and Twitter posts (all uploaded by iOS users) can now rejoice.

According to the celebratory stats published today, Instagram has reached over 30 million registered users, which make it the largest mobile-based social network in the world. The same figures show that Instagram for Android has [...]

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Say “cheese”! Instagram for Android nabs one million downloads in one day

by: Bams SadewoApril 4, 2012

Filter-crazy cellphone photographers have certainly been on a downloading frenzy over the last 24 hours, with the hugely popular and much anticipated Instagram app for Android scoring 1 million downloads in less than a day after being made available on Google Play. This is not surprising at all.

Given the huge pent-up demand for the photo filter and sharing app, it’s to be expected that amateur photographers around the world will lap up Instagram in order to show off their artistic side. When the developer opened registration for Instagram on March 24, more than 430,000 people signed up for it.

If you feel like you’re missing some filtered picture frame moments [...]

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