IDC: Android has four times more global market share than iOS

by 1 year ago

There’s no denying that Google’s Android is a force to be reckoned with. Android recently hit an impressive 500 million globally activated devices and a whopping 1.3 million new devices being activated daily. If those numbers didn’t make your jaw drop, how about a commanding market share lead, four times more than their competitors? According to the research firm IDC’s latest Q3 numbers, Android has a 68% market share dominance. Apple’s iOS comes in at second place globally with a mere 17%. After Google and Apple, RIM’s BlackBerry comes in at 4.8%, Symbian at 4.4%, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone is in last…

IDC report shows Samsung leading the way in Q2 smartphone shipments

by 1 year ago

IDC (International Data Corporation) is a global market research and analysis firm that specializes in IT and telecommunication technology. Along with predictions and forecasts, the market intelligence firm periodically releases reports showing the current state of the telecommunication market. After an IDC report confirming Android’s dominance on the world stage, it’s more good news for Android and the leading Android device manufacturer, Samsung. According to the latest report released by IDC, Samsung is leading the way in smartphone shipments in the second quarter of 2012, extending, for now, its lead over Apple, with other device manufacturers like HTC and Nokia…

Android will reach its peak this year, research claims

by 2 years ago

The guys over at the International Data Corporation (IDC) issued a new press release yesterday to announce that Android is expected to “reach its peak this year as mobile phone shipments slow.” Sure, analysts have access to lots of data which they can track and aggregate to conduct such studies, but the truth is that they have no way of actually knowing what will happen four years from now. According to IDC, Android will reach 61% market share in 2012, and drop to 52.9% in 2016. But will that really be a drop? When you look solely at percentages that’s what…

IDC: Android rules the world market with 59% share, Apple second with 23%

by 2 years ago

Mobile phone tracker firm IDC has released the latest numbers of worldwide smartphone shipment for the first quarter of the year. This period has all but confirmed the dominance of two particular mobile platforms, Android and iOS. The dynamic duo secured a combined 82% share of the 152.3 million smartphones shipped in Q1 2012 and made it tougher for other mobile platforms, such as Symbian, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7/ Windows Mobile, to stop falling further down the chart. Smartphones running Android OS were at the top of the heap, with more than 59% market share. Samsung emerged as the…

IDC: Apple’s iPad spoiled the Kindle Fire party, Android tablet sales down significantly

by 2 years ago

Research firm IDC has released the latest tablet shipment numbers for the first quarter of 2012, and it’s not what the Android crowd has been waiting to hear. According to IDC, worldwide tablet shipments dropped by 38% compared to the previous quarter, with Amazon’s Kindle Fire suffering the steepest drop and Apple’s iPad reasserting its dominance. Out of the 17.4 million units of tablets that were shipped in Q1 2012, 68% came from Apple’s camp, which means Apple has shipped 11.8 million iPads in the January – March period. The Kindle Fire, meanwhile, saw its share plummet from 16.8% to…

IDC: iPad to dominate tablet sales for another four years. Is it possible?

android vs apple
by 2 years ago

If there was any doubt that the tablet is here to stay, one can simply look at the latest report released by IDC. The research firm predict that global tablet shipments will reach 106.1 million units in 2012, up from the previously forecasted figure of 87.7 million units. A good chunk of these units will come from Apple, which is currently basking in the glow of the soon-to-be-released new iPad. Meanwhile, the report all but confirms the market popularity of competitively-priced Android tablets, specifically of the Amazon Kindle Fire, which helped the Android platform capture a bigger slice of the…