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Huawei P9 hands-on: this device feels like a camera with a phone attached

by: Kris CarlonApril 6, 2016
Our Huawei P9 hands-on offers a few first impressions of Huawei's new flagship with a new dual-camera setup in collaboration with Leica.

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus officially announced – specs and price revealed

by: Rob TriggsApril 6, 2016
At a launch event in London today, Huawei has unveiled its latest flagship smartphones, the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus, which boasts a Leica co-designed camera.
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Huawei will finally sell its flagship phones in the US this year

by: Bogdan PetrovanApril 6, 2016
Huawei is gearing up to release its top of the line devices in the United States, the company’s mobile chief told the Wall Street Journal.
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High-end Leica camera confirmed for the Huawei P9

by: Rob TriggsApril 1, 2016
While discussing the company's recent finances, Huawei has confirmed that the upcoming Huawei P9 flagship has been developed in conjunction with Leica.
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BLU Vivo 5 vs honor 5X — battle of the $200 smartphones

by: Team AAMarch 31, 2016
Which is the best budget-friendly smartphone? Join us as we compare the BLU Vivo 5 and the honor 5X!
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New leaked images of the Huawei P9

by: John DyeMarch 28, 2016
If the pre-launch campaign for the Huawei P9 were a cruise ship, you’d probably want to pass on tickets because this thing has been as leaky as the Titanic.
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Honor 7 now getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow [Europe]

by: Edgar CervantesMarch 27, 2016
Honor's European Twitter page has announced the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update is now beginning to hit Honor 7 devices across the continent.
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Save $25 on an unlocked honor 5X by using this coupon code

by: Edgar CervantesMarch 23, 2016
The honor 5X seemed like too much phone for $200, back when we saw it at CES 2016... and today you can get it for a little less.
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Is this a Huawei P9 spotted in the wild in the hands of the company’s president?

by: John DyeMarch 22, 2016
Huawei is currently running a very teasing ad campaign regarding the upcoming P9, which isn’t slated to be officially revealed until April 6.
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Huawei P9 photographed in the wild

by: Rob TriggsMarch 21, 2016
Huawei president spotted sporting a dual-camera phone while out and about. It's most likely the upcoming Huawei P9 flagship.
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