Best Android Tablets vs New iPad

by on March 9, 2012 11:00 am

Modern tablets offer genuine visual delight. The crisp images, vivid colors, and luscious contrasts make us forget that we are staring at a screen, opening up a universe of images and motion that we can control with a simple swipe. All this eye-candy is made possible by complex technologies that…

Best 7-Inch Android Tablets of 2012

by on March 3, 2012 10:05 am

Getting tired of the smallish screen on your Android smartphone? Have a fear of commitment for something too big and unwieldy like a 10-inch tablet? Getting a 7-inch Android is without doubt the next best thing. In fact, 7-inch seems to be the sweet spot between portability and screen size….


Huawei Technologies, maker of quality and affordable smartphones, has just raised the bar a notch higher by announcing two new Android devices. The Huawei Vision and the Huawei MediaPad are Huawei’s latest Android ammo in its arsenal, presumably to make Huawei compete better in the Android gadgets arena. The Vision…

Huawei MediaPad Visits FCC, Heading to T-Mobile

by on October 18, 2011 3:30 pm

The Huawei MediaPad has made its mandatory visits at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) lately and  has been given FCC approval, which hints that the Android tablet is nearing its launching. The FCC, being an independent agency of the U.S. government in charge of approving communication devices before they are…


The Huawei MediaPad is expected to reach store shelves in Germany in early November with a price of EUR399 (US$561), according to The Huawei MediaPad is a 7-inch tablet first debuted in Singapore several months ago.  Huawei showcased the Huawei MediaPad at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA 2011) in Berlin…