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First Beta Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the HTC Sensation – Quick Review

by: AlexanderDecember 21, 2011

That’s right folks, those of us with the HTC Sensation/XE/4G can now load ICS onto our precious HTC Android phones. This is a Sense 3.5 and Android 4.0.1 ROM, So by looking at the lock screen it still looks like Gingerbread, but you can see all the new features once your phone is set up after installing the ROM. Special thanks to Robocik and Capy at XDA Forums for developing the RCMix Ice v1.0 ROM for all of the HTC Sensation users out there.

First Impressions:

At first I thought it was a bit slow, but as you allow the ROM to settle into your phone it starts to get faster. Also once you enable Hardware Acceleration in the settings, it gets even faster. This ROM [...]

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Up Close & Personal With HTC

by: RandyDecember 19, 2011

During the recent HTC Beats Party in Kuala Lumpur, we had a chance to rub shoulders with Wayne Tang, the Product Marketing Manager, Southeast Asia to answer a few questions about HTC Beats and upcoming HTC devices. Dig in.


AA: Why HTC & Beats? WT: HTC, being a rising brand in terms of smartphones, we recognize that music is something that is very important. Music groups the whole community together. Music breaks through cultural, racial and the language barrier boundaries. This has been a realization within HTC, and through Beats, it is executed to be a reality. A lot of companies realized the same importance of music, but none have come up with a [...]

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HTC (Top US Android Maker) Faces US Ban

by: Matthew SabatiniDecember 8, 2011


Last quarter, HTC sent over 5.7 million smart phones to the US making them the leading smart phone manufacturer in America (Canalys). Therefore, if HTC were to stop selling Android phones, this could either hurt Android in the smartphone OS market, or leave the door wide open for Samsung, Motorola, and other Android device manufacturers.

In July of 2011, an ITC administrative law judge decided that HTC’s phones infringe on two of Apple’s patents. HTC has obviously chosen to disagree with the claim, and the date for this case has been set to December 14, 2011.

HTC has been accused of infringing upon the following patents:

U.S. [...]
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HTC Revenue Shoots Down 20% From Strong Last Quarter

by: Matthew SabatiniDecember 8, 2011

Ever since HTC became the leader in US smartphone sales, their Q3 numbers came in at about $4.54 billion in terms of revenue. In addition, HTC shipping increased by an incredible 93% over the year, to 13.2 million units. HTC claims that these record numbers are because of their “strong brand recognition, leading product portfolio and expanded distribution channels”. However, since those reports came out towards the beginning of November, HTC revenue has taken an absolute nose dive straight into the ground. Although that sounds pretty harsh, after hearing the numbers, you will surely agree that something went wrong with HTC in the month of November.

For the [...]

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Are Sony and LG Ready to Up Their Game in 2012?

by: LucianNovember 28, 2011

Sony is promising to update their whole Xperia line-up to Android 4.0 next year, and also LG says they will update at least 4 of the Optimus phones to ICS: LG Optimus 2X, 3D, Black and LTE. Out of the 4 the LG Optimus Black is the only single core one, so this gives us confirmation that Android 4.0 will work on single core phones, too, in case you were worried – with the whole Nexus One not getting it thing.

Of course, I believe Nexus One is not getting it mainly because of internal storage constraints than anything, and perhaps because even Google doesn’t want to extend the update process for more than the promised 18 months of updates (back at I/O 2011). [...]

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HTC Needs a Change of Strategy

by: LucianNovember 23, 2011

I don’t think HTC has had a very clear strategy of where they are going for the past 6-12 months. They seem more focused on incremental improvements, releasing more products into the market and using the same type of processor. This choice of strategy has started reflecting in their revenues, and it seems next quarter’s growth will be flat at best:

“Fourth-quarter revenue will be approximately the same as a year earlier, when it was NT$104 billion ($3.4 billion), the Taoyuan, Taiwan-based company said in an exchange statement today. Last month, HTC forecast sales to range between NT$125 billion and NT$135 billion. Sales will slow quarter-on-quarter [...]

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Facebook Taps HTC for Facebook-centric Android Phone

by: Alvin YbañezNovember 22, 2011

Facebook has earned the allegiance of Taiwanese manufacturer HTC to build a smartphone fully integrated with Facebook services.

The device has been given the codename “Buffy” and is reported to run a modified version of Android with services from Facebook deeply integrated in its system. According to AllThingsD sources who have insider information about the project, it will also run HTML5 as a platform for its applications.

Speaking to AllThingsD, a spokesman from Facebook declined to comment about Buffy. So did HTC.

But, the Facebook representative did say that the company thinks that every mobile device will do well when it is socially integrated. [...]

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Good News For HTC Droid Incredible Fans!

by: Bern OliverNovember 20, 2011
HTC fans should be excited on the software update recently released by the company for their Droid Incredible devices. The versions 4. 06.605.2 and 4.06.605.3 have provided several improvements for the device, as well as an Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS update.
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Porn Company Orders HTC to Cease and Desist Use of Vivid Name

by: Conan HughesNovember 18, 2011

Now here’s something you don’t hear everyday: porn video producer Vivid Entertainment alleges trademark infringement by HTC on account of the latter’s latest smartphone, the HTC Vivid.  The phone company has been served a cease and desist letter from Vivid Entertainment.

Available as a 4G LTE handset from AT&T, the HTC Vivid may suggest a correlation to the porn giant. Vivid – the one that brought the world sex tapes of stars such as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton – fears consumers may think the phone comes from it. As such, the company has sent HTC a cease and desist letter, demanding that the phone company change the name of the phone by November 21, or [...]

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HTC Rezound is Available Now at Verizon for $299

by: Matthew SabatiniNovember 16, 2011
It is finally here! The HTC Rezound has touched ground at Verizon all for the relatively "standard" $299. If you are not getting a new contract or using an upgrade, you are looking at $649.99. In addition, as usual, you must connect a 4G Verizon data plan to get the $299 price. More specifically, Verizon claims that their lowest data pack is $20, but when you click to see a full list of plans, $20 is no where to be found.
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