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How to Install Ice Cream Sandwich ROM on the HTC Thunderbolt

by: Carl ParkerDecember 29, 2011

Although still in its alpha stage, a custom ROM based on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the HTC Thunderbolt has been released. Users of the HTC Thunderbolt can thank RootzWiki forum member ProTrekk for the chance to taste Ice Cream Sandwich on the Thunderbolt. Though ProTrekk created this ROM purely for playing around with, HTC Thunderbolt users can rejoice for a preview of more Ice Cream Sandwich goodness to come.

This ICS ROM is currently in its alpha 2 stage and has several functional features:

Android Market Booting Wi-Fi Audio Sensors Capacitive Keys SU SD card Can EGL properly Rotation Gallery Live Wallpapers GPS Bluetooth Headset

The features that [...]

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HTC Thunderbolt vs HTC Droid Incredible 2 vs HTC Trophy vs Samsung Stratosphere

by: Paul NuñalDecember 7, 2011

When it comes to tempting deals and fantastic smartphone offerings, Verizon is always leading the pack with its spiced up catalog that would make anyone go crazy when deciding what device to pick. Among its current popular offerings are a trio of HTC devices and a lone Samsung smartphone.

Get your gears ready as we take a closer look at the HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Droid Incredible 2, HTC Trophy, and Samsung Stratosphere.

Design and Display

When it comes to display capabilities all smartphones comes packed with gorgeous 480×800 resolution with the Thunderbolt leading the group with its huge 4.3 inch display. Second place goes to the Stratosphere with its 4.0 [...]

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Fully Functional MIUI ROM for HTC Thunderbolt Now Available

by: JoseNovember 10, 2011

Good news Android enthusiasts: the famous aftermarket firmware from China, the MIUI ROM, has now been unofficially  ported to the HTC Thunderbolt and reportedly works completely.

Thanks to the hard work of developers DroidVicious and ErisHasNoBattery of RootzWiki, HTC Thunderbolt users can now load a fully working MIUI custom ROM onto their handsets.  The allure of this custom ROM or firmware has captivated many, and countless users are dying to have this running on their HTC Thunderbolt.

According to the RootzWiki website, this project was near-to-impossible because MIUI doesn’t have opensource code that developers can play around with. This project of putting [...]

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HTC Thunderbolt Foretastes Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

by: Alvin YbañezOctober 27, 2011

Google made the software development kit (SDK) for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich available on the very same day as Google launched Android’s latest version–and the Android developer community, especially custom ROM developers, quickly slurped the delicious treat.  One guy was able to make an SDK port for one of Verizon’s most troubled HTC-made devices: the HTC Thunderbolt.

A member of the RootzWiki forums, named jdkoreclipse, managed to pull together a pre-alpha ROM using the Android 4.0 SDK and got it to boot on his HTC Thunderbolt.  According to the coder’s post on [...]

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HTC Thunderbolt’s Gingerbread Update Expected (Back) Soon

by: AlexanderOctober 18, 2011

The HTC Thunderbolt has a had a pretty hard time getting the upgrade from Froyo to Gingerbread. We’ve seen leaks, and rumors galore about the update. Not to mention the fact that the official OTA got yanked, which has gotten Thunderbolt users pretty frustrated, and perhaps looking to change to a different device – maybe the Galaxy Nexus? As far as we know, the Galaxy Nexus rumored to be a Verizon exclusive when it comes out sometime in late October or early November.

Hopefully, HTC and Verizon have worked together to fix the bugs in the previous OTA so that Thunderbolt users can finally get a taste of Gingerbread, and I have to say its pretty tasty. [...]

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HTC Devices Naked, Vulnerable with Security Flaw

by: Elmer MontejoOctober 2, 2011

If you’re presently using an HTC Android device, chances are you’re a sitting duck for malicious hacking. Working with security experts Justin Case and Trevor Eckhart, Artem Russakovski of Android Police, reported about a security flaw in HTC Android gadgets that could potentially allow intruders to access sensitive information on your Android device.

Although Russakovski explicitly mentioned the HTC EVO 3D, HTC EVO 4G, and HTC Thunderbolt, there is a big chance that other HTC devices are also affected. Case, Eckhart, and Russakovski are still investigating the matter–and they are finding new issues the deeper they dig. Devices running stock HTC Sense [...]

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Verizon’s Upcoming Android Phones for the Holidays Leaked; Include HTC Thunderbolt 2, Samsung Prime, Samsung Stratosphere

by: Elmer MontejoSeptember 14, 2011

Verizon has several new Android devices lined up to replace older models for the holidays. According a photo of a list leaked by a tipster, the new upcoming Verizon devices include the HTC Thunderbolt 2 (replacing the HTC Thunderbolt), Samsung Stratosphere (replacing the Samsung Fascinate), and the Samsung Prime (replacing the Samsung DROID Charge), among others.

A member of Android Forums who claims to be working for Best Buy allegedly received from a Verizon representative a copy of a list of upcoming phones slated for release on Verizon for the holidays.

Of note on the list are the HTC Thunderbolt 2, the Samsung Stratosphere, and the Samsung Prime (whose [...]

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August Topnotchers: Top 5 Android Phones

by: MinaSeptember 5, 2011

In the coming months, the Android landscape will definitely change, pending the release of much awaited phones like Nexus Prime, Droid Bionic, and Galaxy S II, as well as the high anticipation for Ice Cream Sandwich. Until then, there are phones in the market that can give the rest of the bunch a run for their money. Here’s a list of our August topnotchers and what makes them worth your hard earned cash.

Update: This list compiles the latest US Android releases so it might be missing some of the fancier phones your region might have available.

Motorola Photon 4G

Released July 31, 2011

Drool-worthy Photon is powered by a dual-core processor with 1GB [...]

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HTC Vigor Design Looks HTC DROID Incredible-inspired

by: Elmer MontejoAugust 29, 2011

Very little is currently known about Verizon’s upcoming Android superphone, the HTC Vigor, but last week’s leaked photos of the HTC Vigor on Droid Life tell us a few more things about it. The most revealing is the shot of its contoured back side, which reminds us of an earlier HTC device, the HTC DROID Incredible.

Although no indication of 4G LTE capability is shown on the handset’s photo (since the handset is probably just a test unit), the HTC Vigor will most likely have it. Its rumored high-end specs will be such a sorry waste if the device wouldn’t have 4G LTE.

The handset’s color scheme also suggests the possibility [...]

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How to Root Your HTC Thunderbolt

by: Chit AgustinAugust 8, 2011

When it came out into the market, everyone had his/her eyes on the HTC Thunderbolt, and many were mesmerized by its speed and performance. In one breath, it was immediately described awesome. Yet, enthusiasts and power users were hardly satisfied. You know these types of folks–they just won’t settle with the HTC Thunderbolt’s stock functionalities.

And, knowing that a lot of the device’s other powers lay locked and inaccessible from the hands of ordinary people, Android enthusiasts quickly found a solution to gain full control (i.e., to gain root access) of the device and unleash its full potential. This guide outlines the methods for doing just [...]

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