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HTC Tattoo review

by: Michael OrylNovember 12, 2009

HTC Tattoo

We’ve posted the full HTC Tattoo review (finally) over at  In short, it’s a nice little device with a great UI and feature set that is hampered by the small resistive touchscreen display with only QVGA resolution and a pretty weak fixed focus camera.  The ability to swap out covers completely on the phone was a big hit, though, and the price point will certainly make it attractive to many.

Hop on over to to read the full HTC Tattoo review.  There are two videos included, screen shots, sample photos taken with its camera, and of course plenty of photos of the Tattoo itself.

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HTC Tattoo review coming, but here are the videos now

by: Michael OrylNovember 4, 2009

OK, Russell just finished up his review of the HTC Tattoo, the low-cost HTC Sense-toting smartphone with a QVGA resolution resistive touchscreen display.  I’ve still got to proof and edit the copy, but I can at least offer you the videos right now.  Part 1 is below, part 2 is available after the jump.

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HTC Click/Tattoo gets FCC approval, but not with U.S. 3G

by: Michael OrylSeptember 23, 2009

HTC Tattoo

The FCC has just approved the HTC CLIC100, aka the Tattoo, for use in the United States.  Hooray, you say?  Well, not so fast.  This is the Euro-spec version of the device that supports 3G only on the 900 and 2100MHz bands, not on bands supported by T-Mobile or AT&T.

It is not uncommon for foreign market devices to get FCC approval even if they never show up for sale officially on these shores.  Sometimes it is just done so that people can work with the device legally for R&D or software development purposes.  So don’t get all giddy about the prospect of an inexpensive HTC Android smartphone being available to U.S. [...]

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HTC Click announced as the Tatoo, features QVGA res display

by: Michael OrylSeptember 8, 2009

HTC Tattoo

Today HTC announced the Tattoo, the device that many were calling the Click. The Tattoo features a 528MHz processor, a 3.5mm headphone port, and a QVGA resolution resistive touchscreen display that sports HTC’s Hero-like HTC Sense user interface, which offers all sorts of widgets (Twitter, Facebook, FlickR, weather) on a 7 panel home screen.

I actually used a very early version of the Tattoo many months ago, and I have to say that I was surprised at how well the system dealt with a 2.8-inch QVGA res display. HTC said it went to some lengths to make sure that the applications would all render properly on the phone.

The [...]

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Kommodore dons an Android tattoo!

by: James TromansJanuary 5, 2009

Natalie Thompson, who goes by the alias of “Kommodore”, has recently added something to her body which shows true Android love. Allegedly based in Sugar Land, TX, USA (although she might just like the name) and a self-described ‘leet’ person, Natalie has the spot-light with her new green Android tattoo on the underside of her left forearm. The most famous person to show this much corporate love is arguably Zune guy, who has a similar kind of tattoo with the Zune logo. However, this is, as far as we are aware, the first Android tattoo in existence, and given the fact the little robot is rather cute, we are sure it won’t be the last. For more information about Natalie you can subscribe [...]

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