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Hands-on with the Nokia 8

by Adam Sinicki 2 days ago0 comments

Android Instant Apps: what do they mean for users and developers?

by Adam Sinicki 2 days ago8 comments

How does the Nokia 8 stack up against the competition?

by Williams Pelegrin 2 days ago0 comments

Is Samsung Internet your new web browser?

by Adam Doud 2 days ago0 comments
5 articles

HTC Tattoo review

HTC Tattoo We’ve posted the full HTC Tattoo review (finally) over at  In short, it’s a nice little device with a great UI ...
by Michael OrylNovember 12, 2009170

HTC Tattoo review coming, but here are the videos now

OK, Russell just finished up his review of the HTC Tattoo, the low-cost HTC Sense-toting smartphone with a QVGA resolution resistive touchscreen display.  I’ve still got to ...
by Michael OrylNovember 4, 2009143

HTC Click/Tattoo gets FCC approval, but not with U.S. 3G

HTC Tattoo The FCC has just approved the HTC CLIC100, aka the Tattoo, for use in the United States.  Hooray, you say?  Well, not so fast.  This is the ...
by Michael OrylSeptember 23, 2009180

HTC Click announced as the Tatoo, features QVGA res display

HTC Tattoo Today HTC announced the Tattoo, the device that many were calling the Click. The Tattoo features a 528MHz processor, a 3.5mm headphone ...
by Michael OrylSeptember 8, 2009176

Kommodore dons an Android tattoo!

Natalie Thompson, who goes by the alias of “Kommodore”, has recently added something to her body which shows true Android love. Allegedly based in Sugar Land, TX, USA (although she ...
by James TromansJanuary 5, 20092
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