Benchmark scores turn up for unknown HTC PM63100 – Is this HTC’s successor to the One X?

by 2 years ago

New benchmarks have turned up on the GLBenchmark website, showing a phone known as the HTC PM63100. This 1.7Ghz, 1196 x 720, Android 4.0.4 smartphone could be the successor to the HTC One X. The device, which goes by the codename “Evitareul”, is likely a new iteration of the HTC One XL which has the codenamne “Evita.” The new phone has a 1.7Ghz quad-core Tegra 3 CPU, making it 200Mhz faster than the 1.5GHz CPU used in the One X. The system information captured by GLBenchmark shows the phone running Android 4.0.4 but given that Jelly Bean is now available…

Weak demand in Europe (and Customs ban) cause HTC to cut sales target for Q2 2012

by 2 years ago

Another quarter, another sales projection revised downwards for the world’s 5th smartphone maker. Despite the release of HTC’s stellar One series of smartphones in the second quarter, it seems the Taiwanese couldn’t quite muster up the sales they needed to meet the company’s initial sales forecast for the quarter. HTC has slashed its Q2 2012 sales target to $3.03 billion, down 13.3% from $3.51 billion. Speaking to an analyst, HTC chief financial officer Chia-Lin Chang said that the revised Q2 sales forecast is due to the lower than anticipated sales from European customers. “A bigger softness is from Europe than…

Verizon passes on the HTC One series, the HTC Droid Incredible 4G will do just fine

verizon droid incredible 4g
by 2 years ago

Much of the online media (guilty, we admit), as well as many end users seem to be totally in love with the new HTC One series (including the flagship One X, the slim One S, and the entry-level One V). Despite that, HTC has announced that none of its current One smartphones will be heading to Verizon, the nations’s largest carrier. According to Jeff Gordon (the HTC spokesman, not the NASCAR pilot), “Verizon is not going to be carrying either of the HTC One devices currently announced”. If the same treatment will be applied to future smartphones in the HTC…