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Nokia’s former camera guru not impressed by HTC’s UltraPixels

by: Tanay SoodFebruary 21, 2013
Damian Dinning, tweeted yesterday about how he was unimpressed (to say the least) regarding the new camera in the HTC One.
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HTC One heading to Telstra, Vodafone, and Optus in Australia

by: Bams SadewoFebruary 20, 2013
As impressive as the specs are, it’s hard to tell whether customers will lap up the HTC One once it hits stores. But one thing is clear is that HTC has no problem convincing mobile operators worldwide to carry the phone.
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Watch the full HTC One launch event here. Bonus: coverage roundup

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 20, 2013
If you are curious to see the unveiling of the One for yourself, HTC just published the recording of the London event, presided by the company’s CEO himself, Mr. Peter Chou.
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Red HTC One is an error, doesn’t exist

by: Conan HughesFebruary 20, 2013
Forget we mentioned yesterday that the HTC One will come in red, alongside the typical silver and black variants. It's an error.
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HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

by: Mike AndriciFebruary 20, 2013
Is the HTC One better than the current best mobile device from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 2? Join us to find out!
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MWC 2013 preview – anything and everything is possible

by: AdrianFebruary 20, 2013
Barcelona's MWC 2013 is to take place between February 25 and 28, and, based on preceding rumors and leaks, this is what we expect to see on stage.
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HTC One vs HTC One X+ [video]

by: Mike AndriciFebruary 19, 2013
Is the HTC One a significant improvement over the HTC One X+? Join us as we find out!
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HTC iPhOne – 5-and-a-half lawsuit-free lessons picked up from Apple

by: Chris SmithFebruary 19, 2013
The HTC One and HTC's media event shows that the Taiwanese company may already be using some of Apple's licensed mobile tech, not to mention keynote-related marketing strategy.
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HTC One hands-on – first look! [video]

by: Chris SmithFebruary 19, 2013
Having attended the New York HTC One event, we had a chance to take the device for a hands-on first look, and we have it all on video.
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HTC One vs HTC Droid DNA [video]

by: Mike AndriciFebruary 19, 2013
How well does the HTC One fare against the most recent HTC high-end smartphone, the HTC Droid DNA? Join us as we find out!
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