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HTC’s Product Strategy – time to change?

by: Nirave GondhiaJune 5, 2015
The One M9 may be the global flagship but HTC has released 3 premium devices since. We look at its product strategy and whether it's time for a change.
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Does the world need more mobile OSs?

by: Nate SwannerJanuary 27, 2013
With a few operating systems on offer for your mobile device, do you need more options to consider? Will any of the new crop be able to challenge Android?
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HTC still stuck in homogeneity with ‘Proto’

by: nathanAugust 24, 2012
HTC seems to have lost its way, even on the edge of good news for the company, it still seems stuck in a design rut. The exception, of course, is the One X which sold millions of units worldwide just after its release. HTC has been silent about the device since February, but could it be because we have game-changer?
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HTC gives up on another market, pulls out of South Korea

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 30, 2012

HTC has seen its fortunes fade over the past year, after a series of strategic and tactical blunders cost it market share and revenues. The Taiwanese fell behind Samsung in the Android pack, and very importantly, lost much of the crucial US smartphone market, although HTC did register some growth in the fast-developing Asia-Pacific markets. On the bright side, the One series somehow improved HTC’s performance in the past two quarters, in spite of the Customs ban in the US and weak sales in Europe.

To stem loses, the phone-maker has been laying off R&D staff and closing offices in underperforming markets. One such market from where HTC pulled off was Brazil, the [...]

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Super AMOLED display shootout: Galaxy S3 vs Galaxy S2 vs HTC One S

by: LucianMay 23, 2012

The three main complaints about the upcoming Galaxy S3 device have been about its Pentile display, which many didn’t expect to see in Samsung’s flagship phone, the design, which naysayers claim that looks like any other mid-end or older device, and, one of the oldest criticism about Samsung’s devices (which apparently they’re still refusing to acknowledge), the fact that it’s made of “cheap-feeling” plastic., an Italian Android site, has tried to compare the displays of Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S2 and the HTC One S, to see how they fare against each other, keeping in mind that all of them are Super AMOLED [...]

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HTC Media Link HD showcased, makes connecting to HDMI displays a breeze

by: Ankit BanerjeeApril 21, 2012

Developments in smartphone technology have provided us with a way to easily access streaming and downloadable content over the internet, ranging from pictures and music to full HD movies. While most high-end devices feature 720p or even 1080p video playback capabilities, it is certainly a joy to watch high-quality videos and movies on the small screen (Remember when “small screen” meant the TV?).

But our phones boast a lot of other uses as opposed to just watching Youtube videos and movies, i.e. making and receiving phone calls, email, or just surfing the net. As such, it is sometimes difficult to commit to a 90 minute long movie without a lot of [...]

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To bundle or not to bundle? HTC nixes Beats earbuds from future phones

by: Bams SadewoApril 7, 2012

For all the goodies that the HTC One series devices are packing inside, one can’t help to wonder why Beats headphones are conspicuosly missing from the package. Other recent high-end smartphones from the company, after all, have come with those distinctive red and black earbuds. If you hope to find a pair in the box of any of the new HTC phones, such as the HTC EVO 4G LTE, you’re bound to be disappointed.

HTC product executive Martin Ficther explained to CNET that, for the time being, they have shelved the idea of bundling Beats earbuds with HTC smartphones. The company learnt it the hard way that, at the end of the day, the headphones weren’t really a drawing factor [...]

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Watch HTC’s beautiful new One Series commercial

by: Ankit BanerjeeMarch 31, 2012

HTC is leaving no stone unturned with the promotion of its One series. With three phones in the lineup, the HTC One X, One S, and the One V, HTC is hoping to get a head start on the competition (ok, on the Samsung Galaxy S3) with a worldwide release slated for next week.

As part of its promotional campaign, HTC released a brand new ad, which visibly attempts to create a personal connection between potential buyers and HTC and its products. In the ad, HTC claims to have “listened” to the users, to create a lineup of devices that will suit everybody’s needs, because “no one person is exactly the same as everyone else.” On a side note, we [...]

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HTC One X, S, and V to start selling in Europe on April 2, US availability is still kept under wraps

by: AdrianMarch 30, 2012

After weeks of seemingly endless waiting for some official news from HTC regarding the One series smartphones, we have finally been put to ease. Well, at least some of us have, because the One-branded smartphone trio has an official release date next to its name, but, so far, it’s only for “some” European countries.

The HTC One X, S, and V will be made available for sale starting April 2nd (that’s right, next Monday) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In other European countries, including the UK, carriers and retailers have announced that the handhelds are coming on April 5. Meanwhile, the United States technology enthusiasts are still waiting for an [...]

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When words don’t matter – more exquisite sample photos taken with HTC One X

by: Bams SadewoMarch 27, 2012

Reading and re-reading the specs of HTC One X might be a good way to pass the time until you can get your hands on HTC’s upcoming flagship device. But what if we gave you a better alternative, one that lets you see beyond those dry numbers? We’re talking about compelling and seductive imagery that can transport you to another place and time. So let’s pretend for a second that we live in a world where numbers and specs don’t matter and just enjoy some strikingly beautiful pictures.

These are pictures taken using the HTC One X, by users from across the globe. A select few have been lucky enough to take part to the introductory voyage of the HTC One Series, that [...]

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