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T-Mobile slashes HTC One S price to $149

by: AdrianAugust 7, 2012

Even though it seems to be hip these days to cut the prices of some of the best-selling smartphones around, we can’t help but suspect some of these discounts have ulterior motives or strings attached to them.

Take T-Mobile’s HTC One S, for example. This hasn’t exactly been a star, but it sold decently enough at $200 on-contract to be untouched for at least a few more weeks. However, T-Mo has already decided a price slashing is needed and is now selling the elegant 4.3-incher at $149.99.

The “special offer” will be lasting until August 21, so you have 2 full weeks to decide whether to take advantage of the deal or not. Then again, [...]

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Modified menu functionality to come to international version of HTC One X and HTC One S

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 6, 2012

Courtesy of Droid Life

Last week we reported that an update to AT&T’s HTC One X version brought an interesting modification to the core functionality of the phone. Till the update, users that wanted to access the menu in certain apps were presented with an ugly black bar at the bottom/side of the screen, that featured that three-point icon that some of you might know.

HTC implemented the black bar as a workaround for a big problem – while Android 4+ deprecates the use of the menu key/on-screen button, not all apps have been adapted to work with the new control scheme. For these apps, HTC’s One devices show the black menu bar, which is not only ugly, but also takes [...]

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HTC confirms Jelly Bean updates for One X, One XL and One S, fails to announce any dates

by: AdrianJuly 20, 2012

Although we are almost nine months since Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was released, the updating process on most high-end and mid-range devices has been frustratingly slow, to say the least. Every major manufacturer still has at least a couple of important gadgets not officially running ICS, which is why most of us were surprised to see Jelly Bean released already.

As expected, the updating process for Android 4.1 JB is itself shaping out to be slow and painful, and for now, we only have the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 7 tablet officially running Jelly Bean.

Fortunately, we seem to be getting some rather optimistic signals from OEMs about Jelly Bean updates [...]

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Black T-Mobile HTC One S spotted

by: Ankit BanerjeeJuly 19, 2012

The HTC One S is a great buy for anyone who prefers a smaller screen which can be lot more comfortable in the hand. At 4.3″, the One S feels a lot easier to hold than the HTC One X (4.7″ display) and the Galaxy S3 (4.8″). Because of the LTE radio incompatibility issues with quad-core processors, in the US, all three devices also feature the same 1.5 Ghz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor.

The One S is available exclusively with T-Mobile, but the network carrier only has the grey version with blue colored accent around the camera. While beautifully designed and great to look at, I think that the [...]

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HTC is working on the Jelly Bean upgrade for the One XL and One S

by: LucianJuly 19, 2012

While no Android OEM has been particularly good with upgrades, HTC has been one of the best manufacturers when it comes to rolling out the latest Android versions as quickly as possible and on as many devices as possible.

The only other manufacturer that I can think of that may have been better than HTC is Asus, but Asus only has a few products on the market, and it started on the new Android 3.0/4.0 codebase, which made upgrades a lot easier. This is why we’ve seen Asus upgrade their Honeycomb tablets within two months of the ICS release, while all the others took six months or so to come out with either new ICS devices or upgrades for the older [...]

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T-Mobile HTC One S Review and Hands-on Video

by: Ankit BanerjeeJuly 10, 2012

T-Mobile has had it tough over the last couple of years, culminating into a failed takeover bid by mobile networking giant AT&T.

The No. 4 network carrier in the US has since jumped on the LTE bandwagon, while also attempting an image re-branding and focusing on its fast 42MBps HSPA+ network, until the LTE network is ready to roll out in 2013. Strategic marketing aside, the best way to get back into the consumers’ good graces is to provide devices and plans that users actually want.

With this in mind, T-Mobile has added and will continue to add some hugely popular [...]

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HTC One S and V to come soon to Australia via Optus, no word on pricing just yet

by: AdrianJune 25, 2012

HTC’s high-end One X has been available for quite some time in Australia, but the mid-range One S and low-end One V are nowhere to be found at any Aussie major carrier right now. However, we knew that it was only a matter of time until Australian tech users will be able to enjoy HTC’s entire One series of smartphones, and now has gotten an anonymous tip confirming the coming of the S and V.

According to the source, the One S and V will be made available in the near future via Optus, Australia’s second largest mobile carrier right now. Optus is one of the carriers offering the One X on contract with no upfront payment and starting at $44 monthly payments [...]

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HTC One S launches in India, price range for several SE-Asian countries

by: Bams SadewoJune 16, 2012

Getting only the non-Snapdragon S4 processor variant of the HTC One S doesn’t seem to deter the lust that folks in several Asian countries have for the phone. Good news for those in India, as the HTC One S was officially launched yesterday and is now available to purchase.

Several online retailers in the country have already started selling the HTC One S for a couple of days. The price for the super thin phone ranges from INR 33,000 to INR 36,000, which puts it at around US$600 – 650. Clearly, there’s nothing mid-range about the One S – at least when it comes to its price.

Meanwhile, HTC enthusiasts in Singapore can finally get their hands on the One S [...]

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HTC One S coming to Cincinnati Bell on June 25, $199.99 after mail-in rebate

by: Bams SadewoJune 16, 2012

HTC’s second in command flagship phone, the One S, is making its way to Cincinnati Bell. The regional carrier has announced that the phone will be available starting June 25, and it is set to become Cincinnati Bell’s finest addition to its smartphone lineup — a spot that was previously held by the LG 2X.

The HTC One S is the thinnest out of the three One series. At a mere 7.8mm thickness, it also holds the honor of being HTC’s thinnest phone to date. Inside the sleek aluminum unibody design of the phone, you’ll find the same dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor that’s powering the HTC One X in the US. Consider yourselves lucky, US users, since the [...]

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HTC One S: How to speed up your phone’s dual-core processing

by: Ken EastJune 15, 2012

The HTC One S has a dual-core processor but it’s such a pity to think that they haven’t really been optimized. The folks at XDA Developers, however, have found a way to squeeze the most out of the two processors.

Recognized developer -viperboy- has made the HTC One S perform even more powerfully by developing Dual Core Mods designed to optimize the phone’s processing performance. There are three mod versions, each designed for unique purposes. The mod versions are:

Dual Core Mod – designed for CPU1 (or core 2) to work all the time. Dual Core Mod Plus – CPU1 works only when the screen is On to preserve battery life. Dual Core Mod [...]
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