A blast from the past: early prototype of Google phone shows up in trial

by 2 years ago

In an alternate universe, how fun it’d be to see Palm buy HP only to ditch it months after? You won’t have to build a time travel machine to see what the Google phone could’ve looked like in an alternate universe, though. If there’s anything that the Oracle vs Google debacle can bring us, is a glimpse of the development of Google phone since its inception. We warn you that some of the images aren’t pretty at all, like most phones that came out circa 2006. Specs Although the documents presented in court didn’t specify the detailed specs of the 2006…

Update: Rogers HTC Magic upgrade offer

by 4 years ago

It was reported a few days ago that Rogers would be allowing HTC Dream owners the chance to upgrade to an HTC Magic due to the fact that the Dream would not get an OS update past it’s current iteration of 1.5.  This was great news but the details were scarce at the time and there was uncertainty in the terms.  It is now being reported that the offer does include a free upgrade, but with a small catch.  Customers who opt for the upgrade will automatically have their contract renewed for the Canadian standard of 3 years, which turns…

Rogers allowing HTC Dream owners to upgrade to HTC Magic?

by 4 years ago

Word out of Canada is that Rogers feels for those early adopters of the HTC Dream.  In the wake of the news that the device won’t be upgraded past Android 1.5, Rogers has unofficially announced that they will offer an upgrade to Dream users to switch to the HTC Magic, which will receive at least Android 2.1.  No word yet on any details including whether or not users will have to succumb to a new multi-year contract or not. The official statement from Rogers is this: “It’s great to hear that everyone is pleased by HTC’s agreement to upgrade Magic…

Pre-order the HTC Magic from Vodafone now!

by 5 years ago

Vodafone has just put up a release date for its new HTC Magic – it’s due to be released on May 5th.  As was previously reported, the HTC Magic will come with the necessary Cupcake update to the OS.  The phone is only available for pay monthly plans, and is priced as free for a 35 pound per month plan, and as high as 293 pounds on a 15 pound per month plan. This is the first worldwide release date for the HTC Magic, and an announcement for the States is still yet to come. [via EngadgetMobile]

HTC Magic, US Bound for T-Mobile?!

by 5 years ago

Ok everyone, we don’t know how we missed it.  Maybe it’s the automatic association of T-Mobile and Android phones, or maybe it’s that we didn’t really pay too much attention to the logos on the HTC Magic while amazing Gmail functionality was demonstrated.  EngadgetMobile has brought to light that the HTC Magic, used to show offline Gmail capabilities, was T-Mobile branded.  Not only T-Mobile branded, but carrying the U.S. version of the T-Mobile logo. This doesn’t mean with 100% certainty that the Magic is coming to T-Mobile USA as the G2, but if it looks like a duck, walks like…