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HTC Flyer Gets OTA Honeycomb – Assures Us That You Get What You Pay For

by: Matthew SabatiniDecember 6, 2011

As you can easily tell by reading the title, HTC Flyer owners started to get the Honeycomb update today over the air. The update (version 3.55.405.1) weighs in at 210MB and is currently rolling out over the air to all 32GB 3G + WiFi HTC 7-inch Flyer owners. However, if you’re anything less than a mind reader, you are probably wondering what else we mean by the rest of the title of this article.

The HTC Flyer comes in two main versions, 16GB WiFi-Only and 32GB 3G and WiFi. The price difference between the two is $200 excluding the data plan for the 3G version. Furthermore, the update that came out today is only for the more expensive version. Yep, HTC is being [...]

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HTC Flyer Gets First Taste of Sweet Honeycomb, Courtesy of ROM Leak

by: Dave FerilSeptember 6, 2011

HTC’s first attempt at an Android tablet, the HTC Flyer, came out with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and HTC Sense, but several developers have found a way to pour sweet honey on the HTC Flyer.

Paul O’Brien, MoDaco founder, has obtained a Honeycomb leak in RUU (ROM Upgrade Utility) form for the HTC Flyer. He advises to flash it at your own risk. It’s an early build so expect stability and overall performance of the Flyer using such software to be not that good.

O’ Brien says that he will release a fully tested build once he has tested it on his own HTC Flyer, which will be arriving next week.

Basing on the comments over at XDA Developers, the braver ones who [...]

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Battle of the 7-inch Tablets

by: MinaAugust 9, 2011

The rise of Android as an open-sourced operating system paved the way for continuous developments in the mobile device department. For the past few months, a number of announcements for upcoming devices were made, giving us an idea of what would the market be like in the near future. What is noticeable however in the list of anticipated releases (as well as in the recent ones) is the rise of 7-inch tablets– bigger than your average smartphone, but definitely more handy than your usual tablet.

Here’s a quick rundown of five of the talk-of-the-town 7-inch tablets:

ASUS Eee Pad MeMO 3D

Status: Expected release June 2011 late 2011 or 2012

First [...]

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OnLive Universal Wireless Controller: Experience Gaming Like Never Before

by: Chit AgustinJune 5, 2011

OnLive has finally come to Android smartphones and tablets. Now, you can experience gaming on your Android devices like never before thanks to the Universal Wireless Controller. During the Uplinq 2011 event hosted by Qualcomm, OnLive publicized and introduced the Universal Wireless Controller wherein you will be able to enjoy playing video games on various devices as long as it is supported by OnLive. Thankfully the list is quite healthy, and is growing. Devices like OnLive’s MicroConsole, Vizio TVs with VIA Plus, any PC’s and of course Android devices will all be supported. .

“We set out to make OnLive available everywhere. Now that this is a reality, consumers need a [...]

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3 New Devices to Be Debuted by HTC, T-Mobile on June 8

by: Chit AgustinJune 3, 2011

It seems that HTC loves T-Mobile so much. And, once again, the two are about to launch new devices next week. That is, if we are to base our speculations on a job listing posted on TmoNews.

HTC appeared to have left very obvious clues about the launch date of the HTC Sensation 4G–it’s going to be on June 8.

The job listing on TmoNews, however, mentions that T-Mobile will be showcasing 3 new HTC handsets. One of them will definitely be the HTC Sensation 4G, but what are the other two? Your guess is as good as mine. Truth be told, there are several other possible handsets that HTC can debut together with the Sensation 4G on June 8.

TmoNews, for [...]

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HTC Flyer Hits The Market

by: Aerol BibatMay 24, 2011

HTC recently announced their entry into the tablet fray with their new Flyer tablet. It’s been on pre-order for awhile on Best Buy but it just officially went on sale. If you mosey over to the Best Buy site, you can see all the specs and what not that you need to know. But to make things easier, here’s a simple low down.

A 7-inch tablet, the Flyer runs on Gingerbread 2.3 with HTC’s personalized Sense user interface overlaid on it. Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.5 GHz CPU, it’s not exactly and iPad killer. However, it does run decently and is a nice alternative to all the tablets coming out. It also features WiFi b/g/n for its connectivity [...]

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HTC Flyer Available for Pre-order at £599.99

by: Chit AgustinApril 11, 2011

The HTC Flyer is an upcoming tablet and is scheduled to be released, most likely, this forthcoming May. The Gingerbread-running tablet is already available for pre-order thanks to a UK retailer, the Carphone Warehouse.  You can currently order the HTC Flyer for £599.99 with no data plan, SIM-lock or any terms. That is meaning to say you can use your own SIM card of choice and not lock yourself into a two-year contract. The listing says that the HTC Flyer is currently on hand however the device won’t ship until May.

Unlike the other soon-to-come tablets, the HTC Flyer is running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Nevertheless, one HTC representative said that, “I can [...]

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HTC Flyer to Sell Exclusively at Best Buy

by: Derek ScottMarch 24, 2011

Best Buy has announced that they will be the exclusive supplied of the Wi-Fi version of the much anticipated HTC Flyer. There is still no word on pricing or an official release date, most blogs have reported a release this spring, Digitimes has reported a possible release date of late march. But with only a week left in March the HTC Flyer Tablet will most likely release sometime in April.

Sprint will also carry the HTC Flyer, but under a different alias, it will be known as the HTC Evo View 4G tablet. Both tablets will be identical in specs, the only difference will be that the Sprint Evo View 4G tablet will be have the 4G speeds courtesy of Sprints network.

Until we [...]

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What to Expect at Mobile World Congress 2011

by: Darcy LaCouveeFebruary 8, 2011

What is Mobile World Congress you may ask? Basically, it’s a huge event held every year in Europe, where the top mobile technology manufacturers come together to create hype and show off their latest wares. According to Wikipedia,“MWV is the combination of the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry and a congress featuring prominent Chief Executives representing mobile operators, vendors and content owners from across the world.” It’s really the equivalent of CES, but for Europe. Historically, some significant developments in mobile technology have been debuted at MWC, and 2011 is looking to be no different. It really is an exciting time for Android fans worldwide! [...]

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