While some folks have begun reciting their X’s, there are those who are still smitten by HTC’s Desire C. We don’t blame you if you’re rather partial to the Desire C’s premium design, and affordable sticker price. Adding to its desirability factor is the availability of Cricket’s Muve Music service on the compact phone, which can only mean that it is heading to Cricket.


As previously hinted, HTC’s latest entry-level phone, the Desire C, has finally landed in Canada on several wireless carriers. The first is Rogers, which will practically give away the phone... to willing customers. The second carrier that will sell the fiery-looking phone is Fido.

If you don’t mind being stuck with Rogers for the next three years, you can get the HTC Desire C for as...


With Sony Xperia Ion heading to Rogers, customers are presented with a wider variety of high-end smartphones to choose from. But for those who don’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles... that the latest and greatest phone can provide, the Canadian carrier has one entry-level smartphone from HTC that might just fit the bill.

According to Mobile Syrup, Rogers is planning to offer the...


Although it’s a player in the high-end market first and foremost, HTC is also thinking of tech users on a lower budget. The Desire C, also known as the Golf some time ago, was unveiled last... month and is slowly, but steadily, entering the entry-level markets in several key regions.

Released in the UK a couple of weeks back, HTC’s newest ICS-powered smartphone will start selling in...


The HTC Golf aka Desire C resurfaced a few days back with some leaked images, which was followed yesterday by confirmation that the low-end HTC device would indeed continue the Desire series,... after some speculation suggested that the device would be called the Wildfire C.

Just a day later, HTC has released an official image gallery of the HTC Desire C. If you have not been following...


Folks, it’s our pleasure to report that all the debates (if there were any) about the HTC Golf being officially called either the Wildfire C or the Desire C can finally be put to rest. More... pictures of the entry-level smartphone have leaked, and this time, they give us a better look of the phone and its specs. And yes, it will be called the HTC Desire C.

Shown on Vodafone Portuga...


Folks, prepare to get your clubs out, as tee time with HTC is almost here.

We’re talking, of course, about the HTC Golf, an upcoming low-end offering from the Taiwanese manufacturer... that’s expected to come later in the year. It was about a month ago that a supposed press image of the HTC Golf was leaked, and now more pictures of the device have surfaced.

This new set pic...