HP TouchPad

HP’s discontinued TouchPad tablet resurfaces once more from its grave as Best Buy is about to sell 32-GB versions for US$150. There’s a catch, though: you need to buy a new computer with... it.

Online purchases begin on November 1, whereas retail stores will offer the deal three days later on November 4.

Anyone who buys an HP or Compaq computer–desktop, laptop, or all...

Image credit: mrhomegrown (CyanogenMod.com)

Just when we thought the Touchdroid team would come out more stable and more solid after its first major organizational hurdle, the Touchdroid team has succumbed to a new one–and team members... have packed their bags, leaving only the CyanogenMod team as the last well-organized team standing to champion porting Android to the HP TouchPad.

Over allegations of code theft and plagiarism...


We saw it coming. We just didn’t expect it to be this quick. The Touchdroid team has now made touchscreen input work on the HP TouchPad with Android running on the device.

The Touchdroid... team announced the news on Twitter just a few hours ago and even uploaded a video demonstrating the functional touchscreen.  This, despite having gone through issues concerning misuse of funds and mis...


The Touchdroid project development team finally cracked a solution for multi-boot functionality on the now-out-of-stock-because-of-dirt-cheap-price-cut HP TouchPad–and the team has a demo video... showing off its work.

The demo video shows that the HP TouchPad can now dual-boot webOS and Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread.

The Touchdroid team announced th...


To me, it was the ridiculously low fire sale price and the potential for running Android that made the HP TouchPad gain back a heartbeat after its maker pronounced it dead.

Within just hours... after HP announced the lower prices for a product it no longer wishes to continue producing, retailers selling the device ran out of stock quickly. Even HP’s own online store and its company-ow...


HP has announced its plan to produce one more batch of HP TouchPad tablets, due to reach store shelves before October 31.  Industry sources say HP might produce 500,000 to 1 million more units.

HP... recently decided to kill the HP TouchPad and clear out the remaining units in warehouses through an absurdly marked-down price sale.  That did the trick, and stocks were cleared very quickly.  The HP Touc...


Like the programmers working on the TouchDroid project, the CyanogenMod developer team is also working hard to bring both Android and the CyanogenMod custom ROM to the HP TouchPad.

The team has... released a video showing the fruits of its labor so far. Here’s the video showing CyanogenMod with Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread on an HP TouchPad.

The curr...


The TouchDroid project, which was supposed to produce a port of Android that can replace the webOS operating system on the HP TouchPad, is currently going through a bumpy ride.

Yahoo!... News reports that a member of the team working on the TouchDroid project has allegedly misused funds donated to the project and has allegedly misrepresented the group.

Thomas Sohmers, the proje...


In case you haven’t noticed people have been going crazy these days over the $99 HP TouchPad. The only problem? They’ve sold out way too early, and a lot more people would want one. It seems... that people don’t care that much about the availability of apps as long as it’s a tablet with a good browser and of course the core apps such as e-mail clients, music players, and so on.