GPS dongle for Asus Transformer Prime TF201 shows up in leaked photos

asus transformer prime gps dongle
by 2 years ago

Following up on the story of how Asus Transformer Prime owners can expect to get a free GPS extension kit to fix the GPS issues that has been plaguing the tablet, Land of Droid has some exclusive pictures of the dongle. How would the extension kit fit into your beloved TF201 tablet? Check out the pictures below. As you can see, the GPS dongle matches the color of the Asus Transformer Prime TF201 tablet, so if you like your gadgets and their accessories thoroughly color-matched, that’s one worry out of the way. Aside from the dongle posing in various positions, you…

Free GPS extension kit for Asus Transformer Prime owners

transformer prime 1
by 2 years ago

The Asus Transformer Prime TF201 is, quite possibly, the stuff that dreams are made of for a lot of Android fans, except for one annoying flaw that has been plaguing the tablet — its GPS function. Many users have been experiencing various problems, from difficulty to lock onto signals to slight reading inaccuracies. Fortunately, Asus is taking a proactive approach in ensuring that Transformers users are happy with the capabilities of their beloved device. The Taiwanese company plans to give away an external GPS extension kit to deal with the GPS-related problems, once and for all. The news was first reported by…

Getting lost is not an option with this new Broadcom GPS chip

by 2 years ago

  Those who often put themselves at the mercy of GPS devices to navigate their way home may find current navigation technology lacking in certain aspects. From the not-so-accurate position readings and the long satellite locking time, to the battery drain that we came to expect when using our smartphones as satnav devices, there are things about GPS that can ruin your travel. But things  may be about to change for the better with the introduction of BCM4752, a new GPS chip from Broadcom, that promises to deal with the problems above. 10X better acquisition and less battery consumption Most GPS units…

Fixing the GPS Problem on the Samsung Captivate

by 2 years ago

There’s nothing more annoying than GPS that can’t find you. For users of the Samsung Captivate, the phone’s GPS has often suffered long lock times and inaccuracy in navigation. For others, it simply doesn’t work. Thanks to both mikel.canovas and h3llstorm, members of XDA Developers, there is now a way to fix that troublesome GPS. The best part is that this fix reportedly works for all Android 2.3.x Gingerbread ROMs on the Samsung Captivate. If you’re worried that this solution will require you to exercise your command typing skills, you can relax. The GPS fix method is quick and easy….

Cobra JoyRide Is Not Just a Typical Car Charger for Your Android Phone

by 2 years ago

It’s been said so many times already, yet people still have a need to use their mobile phones when they are driving. Because of this, there are several Android phones that offer a Car Mode app that can either be built-in or downloaded through the Android Market. Once in this mode, there are some additional steps that need to be taken unfortunately. To get rid of this, Cobra Electronics has released a new product known as the Cobra JoyRide. As soon as you plug in your Android phone into the charger, it automatically reconfigures a companion app which opens your…

GPS Apps Are Better on Android

by 2 years ago

A few years ago, GPS devices were selling like hotcakes! Everyone wanted to have a piece of them and if you didn’t have one in your car, you’re not cool. This has turned into the opposite, nowadays. If you were still using your GPS unit, then you’re not cool. So what did people use to navigate directions? Their smartphones, of course! But when it comes to such apps, there’s nothing smarter than using them on an Android device. In fact, Consumer Reports have tested this out. This is one area which iOS isn’t doing too well. Perhaps it has something…

How to Find Your Long Lost Android Device With Plan B

Plan B
by 2 years ago

Now that you can track your phone’s location online, and even track other people’s locations, it is almost impossible to lose your phone given that you have an application that tracks your device’s locations. But what happens when you don’t have one of those programs installed? Now, thanks to Lookout Labs, you can turn to Plan B. More specifically, if you lost your phone and did not install Lookout Mobile Security, or any other location tracking service, simply go to the Android Market Web Store and install Plan B remotely. After the app has installed, it should start up by…

Android Apps Your Phone Should Have

Don't you just love free apps?
by 2 years ago

There are a total of more than 150,000 Android apps out on the market now. The overwhelmingly huge amount of application choices can be mind-boggling to a new Android phone user. Here is an attempt to make the decision a little easier. Presented below are some apps that by their features and popularity can be labeled as ‘must-haves’. They cover most of the common uses and aspects of an Android phone from basic operation to entertainment and security. Customization Apps 1. Free Advanced Task Manager As the name says, this program enables you to accomplish the basic routines quickly without eating…

ViewSonic expected to debut ViewPad Android tablets at IFA

by 3 years ago

Next week at IFA in Berlin, Germany, ViewSonic is expected to launch two new Android tablets.  The ViewPads, as the company has hinted they will be called, will come in both 7-inch and 10-inch flavors.  Both devices are expected offer speedy 3G and WiFi connectivity, dual cameras, microSD support, GPS, and a USB port. [via MacWorld]