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15 best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)

CyanogenMod is a popular ROM and one of the big reasons if for the themes. In this roundup, we'll look at the best CyanogenMod themes (by develoeper).
by Joe HindyMarch 9, 201611

Android Pay – What is it, how does it work and who supports it?

I have been testing Android Pay and running all around town using it, so let's dig right into the details.
by Krystal LoraMarch 9, 201640

AI scores landmark victory, defeating legendary Go player in historic match

Google's DeepMind AI unit has scored a historic victory: its AlphaGo program has beaten legendary Korean Go player, Lee Sedol - the first time an AI unit has beaten a 9-dan Go player.
by Kris CarlonMarch 9, 20163

On Ice is the latest Google Spotlight story

On Ice is a deliberately over-the-top space opera that obviously pays its dues to such features as Star Wars and Flash Gordon. But on ice.
by John DyeMarch 8, 20161

Google trials optical character recognition for Google Now on Tap

Users have begun noticing that Google Now on Tap is capable of performing optical character recognition (OCR) using your camera viewfinder or a picture.
by Robert TriggsMarch 8, 20163

Google just hired moot

Right now there doesn’t appear to be much information as to what kind of role the 4chan founder will serve at Google.
by John DyeMarch 7, 201611

Factory images arrive for March’s security update

March’s security update will resolve a number of known exploits, including one critical security vulnerability.
by John DyeMarch 7, 20169

Google looking to add in-app purchases to Google Cardboard content

Google is reportedly looking into various methods including gaze tracking to bring in-app purchases to Google Cardboard content in the near future.
by Kris CarlonMarch 7, 20165

Google seeking a carrier for full-scale Project Loon pilot program

Project Loon is about to get real. Google is seeking a carrier partner to conduct a full-scale pilot program in India for its high-altitude internet balloon project.
by Kris CarlonMarch 7, 20163

5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week – Android Apps Weekly

Welcome back to Android Apps Weekly! This week we talk about Clash Royale, Hound, new Google Play rules, and more Android apps and games news!
by Joe HindyMarch 6, 20167
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