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Google VR boss: VR has a long way to go, smartphones are key to mass adoption

Virtual reality technology is amazing, but it has a long way to go. Even Google's VR boss admits that.
by Team AAJune 24, 201615

Google outlines some key ways to keep an AI from taking over the world

Before we create a truly powerful AI, it's important that we will be able to control it. Google has published a paper outlining some of the problems this situation presents.
by John DyeJune 22, 20166

Executive Jim Wicks ditches Motorola for academia

As Motorola continues to struggle, another of their main players has decided to leave the company. Jim Wicks will soon be faculty with Northwestern.
by John DyeJune 21, 201613

Android Pay Day deals will treat you to a free Frappuccino in the UK

To celebrate the launch of Android Pay in the UK, the Android Pay Day promotion offers users freebies each month for using the contactless payment service.
by Kris CarlonJune 21, 2016

Two-step verification just got easier on Android and iOS with Google Prompt

Google has just announced a simpler way to verify your identity using two-step verification called Google Prompt, which is rolling out today to all users.
by Kris CarlonJune 21, 201614

Google rolling out symptom searches to help determine what ails you

Is that rash just a reaction to the new detergent or a life-threatening malignancy that is about to change the course of your life? Google wants to help.
by John DyeJune 20, 20166

(Update: wider rollout begins) Latest Play Store update makes it much easier to beta test apps

Google is making it easier to join beta programs for Android apps, leave feedback, and manage the apps that you signed up to test.
by Bogdan PetrovanJune 17, 20167

(Update: now available for all) Scheduling a hassle? Google Calendar will now find a time for you

Google Calendar has installed a button that automatically picks out the best time to have a meeting for all the participants involved.
by John DyeJune 17, 2016

Wondering why there’s no iMessage for Android? Here are some clues.

Mossberg, writing on The Verge, said he queried a senior Apple executive about the reasons why iMessage is still exclusive to iOS devices. Here are the two reasons.
by Bogdan PetrovanJune 17, 2016101

Google Photos can now display albums as a slideshow

Google Photos has now gained the ability to display albums as slideshows, meaning you won't have to keep clicking to bore your relatives with vacation pics.
by John DyeJune 16, 20164
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