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Is Samsung Internet your new web browser?

by Adam Doud 3 days ago0 comments

Nokia 8 is here: the company’s first true Android flagship

by Andrew Grush 3 days ago0 comments

Don’t buy a new flagship smartphone right now – here’s why

by John Callaham 4 days ago0 comments
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Google adds emergency location feature to its Phone app 

When you dial an emergency number like 911, a location card will pop up containing your current address, exact coordinates, and more.
by Mitja RutnikJuly 19, 2017

Google takes on Facebook with an improved newsfeed

Google is announcing new features for Feed, the stream of articles and content that populates the space formerly known as Google Now.
by Bogdan PetrovanJuly 19, 2017

How to make Google your homepage on Chrome for Android

If you own an Android phone, one of the first things you might want to do is to set your Chrome browser to the Google website, and here's how do to it.
by John CallahamJuly 19, 2017

Google Home and Google Wifi launching in Australia in two days (Updated)

Both devices will go on sale for AUD$199, and the Google Home will even include some Australia-specific surprises.
by Scott Adam GordonJuly 18, 2017

Want to root your Google WiFi? Now you can

Thanks to independent developers over at project GaleForce, you can now root your Google Wifi to setup a VPN, dynamic DNS client, and more.
by Scott Adam GordonJuly 18, 2017

How to set up and use Google’s new Backup and Sync tool

In this post, we explain exactly how to set up and use Google’s new Backup and Sync tool, step by step.
by Mitja RutnikJuly 17, 2017

Inbox’s upcoming “highlights” feature could help make important emails easier to find

A recent APK teardown reveals that Inbox may soon get a couple of impressive new email sorting features.
by Mitja RutnikJuly 17, 2017

Google to try to get more users to adopt its pop-up based two-factor system

Google is pushing out a new two-factor authentication method that will make signing in to devices safer and easier. Will you opt-in?
by David ImelJuly 17, 2017

Google Maps will now tell you the best time of day to leave for your destination

In addition to giving you travel time information, Google Maps on Android will also let you know when the best time to leave is.
by Team AAJuly 16, 20175

Google Pixel XL International Giveaway!

Enter this week's Sunday Giveaway for your chance to win a brand new Google Pixel XL!
by Jimmy WestenbergJuly 16, 2017
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