Enjoy Free Google Voice Calls to US and Canada until December 2012

by 2 years ago

  If you’ve got friends or family located in the U.S. and/or Canada, you can say goodbye to free Google Voice Calls with them. That is, free until the end of December 2012. Yes, the favored Google Voice App is only going to be free for a limited period of time. At first, there was much speculation that free calls to the U.S. and Canada will no longer be enjoyed by its users, beginning next year. But thankfully, these rumors died down with the appearance of a pop-up window for first time users of Gmail’s Call Phone feature. These pop-ups…

Google Voice Updated, Now Supports Mass SMS Sending

Google Voice
by 2 years ago

The best app for your Android device just got even better. Upping its version to, the Google Voice for Android app will now let users send text messages to multiple recipients. The new feature will no longer require you to send the same message repeatedly across each contact, since you can do it in just one send. Group messaging can be very convenient for, let’s say, party invites and holiday greetings, although the feature may also encourage users to spam their contacts with unnecessary messages. Besides mass messaging, notifications regarding text messages have been improved: new messages will appear…

Free USA and Canada Calls With Your Android Device

by 2 years ago

Free VoIP calls using your Android phone can help you save money however, keep in mind that you can only call people that have the same app installed on their device. So if you are planning to call mobile phones or landline numbers, you may want to prepare cash for an expensive phone bill. But if you want to make regular calls without using minutes, check the guide below.

Apple Flattering Android by Imitating Android’s Voice Actions Feature

by 2 years ago

At its meeting today, Apple released one key piece of iOS 5 that was not much talked about before–Siri.  In April of this year, Apple had acquired Siri, “your personal assistant,” for somewhere around US$100 to US$200 million. At the time, most people didn’t think much of it. However, Apple has now made it a key part of the new iOS 5, using the catchphrase “Your wish is its command.” Recently, I expressed my thoughts about iOS 5 in an article about the top 5 features that iOS 5 copied from Android. After this morning’s announcement, you can chalk up…

Top Alternative-to-Texting Android Apps

by 2 years ago

The rise of smartphones marks the decline of SMS era. It’s a no-brainer that users will opt for the free apps offering free communication to other users across all operating systems and mobile carriers, rather than going for paid texting plans. Here’s a list of some of the best apps that definitely give SMS a run for its money. GroupMe Being Skype’s latest acquisition surely has its perks– GroupMe has been in demand. The app allows for group messaging, conference calling, and polling through an assigned unique group number, plus one can still send private messages to a user. Textfree…

Google Voice headed to Android (and BlackBerry)

by 5 years ago

CNET is reporting that it has been told by Google Voice’s senior product manager, Vincent Paquet, that an application for Google Voice is headed to Android and BlackBerry based smartphones. Google Voice is the rebranded version of GrandCentral, which Paquet was co-founder, that allows users to route calls to a single Google Voice number to multiple devices.  The Google Voice application for smartphones will allow calls to be made from the smartphone and have the Google Voice number show up in the caller ID information when received by another person.  The application will also provide access to Google Voice’s transcribed…

Skydeck and Google Voice mashup for Android

by 5 years ago

It’s not that often we post on applications for your Android device. However, from time to time we take a moment to write on new applications that are fundamental to Android improvement, such as Microsoft Exchange Clients or core Google updates like Google Product Search. This new application is neither of these things, yet. But the Skydeck + Google Voice mash-up for Android is really quite excellent.

RC33 details emerge – Android Market app update feature included

by 5 years ago

Slashphone has posted a list of the bug fixes and new features that are part of the new RC33 Firmware 1.1 update that started filtering out to T-Mobile G1 users this week. New features include the Android Market’s application update check and new comment spam marking function, Google’s Voice Search, and the ability to save photos from MMS messages. In terms of bugs, the email app has been updated to deal properly with Comcast email, and it should now exit cleanly instead of issuing the “Force Close” popup.  IM sessions can withstand WiFi being turned on and off now, a…