Google Voice almost ready to launch in Canada

by 1 year ago

One of the many places looking forward to an official launch of Google Voice is Canada. It seems every single Google service is available out there right now, except for this one. Has Google Voice’s day in Canada finally arrived? Perhaps not, but if a recent report on Mobile Syrup is to be believed, it’s now closer than ever.

Google Voice update fixes crashing issue for Android 4.2 users

Google Voice
by 1 year ago

We previously reported that Android 4.2 contained a bug that caused Google Voice to crash when attempting to send text messages. From the reports coming in, the bug was affecting all Google Voice users that had updated to the latest version of Android. The good news is that Google has now pushed out an update to the app that addresses the issue.

Google Now fully ported to Ice Cream Sandwich, all features including Voice Search reported as working

Google Now ICS
by 1 year ago

Google Now has been the headline of Jelly Bean’s update changelog since day one, but unfortunately, the service has only been available to JB users until now. We’ve talked on a number of occasions about Google Now’s exquisite interface, its ease of use, functionality, and its splendid Voice Search function, which has already kicked Siri’s you know what more than once. But the truth is very few of us have had the chance to test the “mobile personalized search application” so far. Fortunately, thanks to the collective efforts of some brilliant XDA developers, we can finally install Google Now on…

Jelly Bean’s Voice Search flexes its muscles and accurately answers 20 new questions (video)

Voice Search
by 2 years ago

The new Voice Search function in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean doesn’t cease to amaze us, although technically very few of us have actually had the chance to try it out. However, demo videos are piling up over on YouTube, and they all draw the same conclusion – Voice Search is awesome! After compiling what probably was and still is the most comprehensive (and impressive) demonstration video of Voice Search a couple of days ago, Jean-Louis Nguyen (aka JLishere) has gone up and uploaded a follow-up clip with 20 fresh new searches. Unsurprisingly, Voice Search once again does a stupendous job…

Jelly Bean’s Voice Search rocks with answers to 40+ basic, but also outrageous questions (video)

by 2 years ago

Although it hasn’t been the only important update or improvement it has brought to the table, Jelly Bean’s voice search has been the highlight of so many articles and discussions this past week that I’m sure you’re starting to get a bit tired. And while I know that you’ve already seen a fistful of video clips comparing the new voice search in Android to Apple’s Siri, or simply showing off what the new feature can do, you shouldn’t miss the video at the end of this post for the world. In this particular clip, Jean-Louis Nguyen, a Montreal-based technology geek…

Google Voice Updated to Version

by 2 years ago

If you’re fond of using Google Voice app on your Android smartphone, you’ll be pleased with this bit of news! Google Voice has just received an update to version—which provides a few tweaks, as well as a complete UI overhaul for both Android Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich. Another new feature that the update provides is the ability to queue outgoing text messages. With this new update, failed messages can be sent first as soon as data connectivity has been restored. Now isn’t that exciting? You no longer have to tinker around with the app as it will do…

Swype Beta for Android Now Has Dragon Voice Recognition

by 2 years ago

Ever since its Nuance acquisition, Swype Beta for Android has obtained its first, major over-the-air update. The change makes use of Dragon Dictate technology instead of Google’s voice recognition software. Compared to the other types of voice recognition software, Dragon Dictate has been quite impressive. It does have its occasional word throw backs, but it does not require its user to speak slowly. Currently, it supports English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. But they do promise to follow up with more languages by next year. Once an unsupported language is used, the service defaults itself to American English as opposed to…

Enjoy Free Google Voice Calls to US and Canada until December 2012

by 2 years ago

  If you’ve got friends or family located in the U.S. and/or Canada, you can say goodbye to free Google Voice Calls with them. That is, free until the end of December 2012. Yes, the favored Google Voice App is only going to be free for a limited period of time. At first, there was much speculation that free calls to the U.S. and Canada will no longer be enjoyed by its users, beginning next year. But thankfully, these rumors died down with the appearance of a pop-up window for first time users of Gmail’s Call Phone feature. These pop-ups…