Word Lens Russian

On the same day as the opening ceremonies for the Sochi 2014 Olympics, Quest Visual, Inc. added a new language to their Word Lens Translator – you guessed it, Russian. Word Lens is a real time visual text translation service, categorized as an augmented reality application. Simply point your device’s camera at the desired text and it will be instantly translated right on your screen.


According to Hugo Barra, who would probably know about things like this, Google is working on real-time translation technology. Much like their current Google Translate technology, which lets two parties talk into a device and have the message display in their native dialect, this centers around conversational situations. The difference is this new process involves conversations over the phone, not personal interaction.


The Google Translate Android app just got a heck of a lot more useful, updating today to version 2.5. What makes the update so compelling? With the latest update... you can snap a picture and then highlight the text with your finger text, and just like that you can get an instant translation on any Android device running version Android 2.3 or higher.



Google Handwrite is one feature that Galaxy Note owners will be happy to get. The newly unveiled function will make the Note’s stylus even more useful – users can now search on... Google by handwriting the words. And, while this sounds like the perfect application for the stylus of the Galaxy Note, Handwrite seems to work just as well with fingers.

To use the new Handwr...


Not everyone is a natural-born linguist that can easily master 10 languages. But for those moments when the ability to communicate in another language is essential, there’s Google Translate... for Android, an app that offers more or less the same experience as its web cousin.

What’s in store for version 2.4 of the app?  Google has listed the following things:

Simpler, more bea...