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What would you change about Google Allo?

by Jimmy Westenberg 4 days ago160 comments
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Google Now will soon be able to switch between languages on the fly

Google Now will soon be able to understand up to seven languages and switch between them as needed, without the user’s input. Users will first need to select the secondary languages ...
by Bogdan PetrovanJune 26, 20144

Google Search 3.5.14 rolling out, adds “OK Google” hotword to any screen

Google Search is getting a point release that brings a handy new feature, "OK, Google" hotword detection from any screen. The new hotword detection feature will be available not only ...
by Jonathan FeistJune 25, 201423

You can now play music from Google search results with just one tap

The latest update to Google Search for Android adds the ability to play tracks of artists you’ve been searching for with just one tap.
by Bogdan PetrovanJune 20, 20141

5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week – Google Play Weekly

This week on Google Play Weekly we talk about a potentially bad move by Google, LastPass and the Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner, and more Android apps news!
by Joe HindyMay 2, 20143

Class action lawsuit claims it’s Google’s fault Android phones are so expensive

A class-action anti-trust lawsuit alleges that Google rose to the top of search because it forced its own products on Android manufacturers. The lawsuit seeks damages for individuals ...
by Jonathan FeistMay 2, 201446

Google Search now knows where you parked, might sound cooler than it really is

Today Google Search is rolling out a new update that introduces several new features, including a Parking Location card that is designed to keep tabs on where you parked.
by Andrew GrushApril 30, 201412

Google Search update brings improved hotel and restaurant finding experience

A new back-end update to Google Search is rolling out, bringing improved hotel and restaurant finding capabilities, at least for those in the U.S.
by Andrew GrushApril 25, 20141

Google bringing app install ads to Search and Youtube, expanding app linking as well

Today Google announced plans to bring app install ads to Google Search and Youtube, as well as ads that connect directly to already installed Android apps.
by Andrew GrushApril 22, 20148

Google expands ability to access app content from within Google Search, adds 24 new apps and global support

Google is now expanding the ability to access app content from within Google Search, adding support for 24 new apps and rolling out the feature globally.
by Andrew GrushApril 4, 20141

Google Search update introduces ‘Take a Picture’ and ‘Take a video’ voice commands

A new back-end update to Google Search brings two new voice commands: "Take a picture" and "Take a video".
by Andrew GrushMarch 19, 201412
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