Google’s Knowledge Graph gets a shot of medicine

google knowledge graph drugs
by 1 year ago

When struck by illness, we’ve all been guilty of playing doctor by relying on information that’s available online to self-diagnose. Google, being the all-knowing search meister, gets enough queries on medicines and medications that it’s now introducing a quicker and easier way to learn the A-Z of your favorite pharmaceutical drugs.

Future Google to provide search results even before you search for them

by 1 year ago

World’s largest online search engine Google is looking to improve its results by providing information on things you wonder on daily basis but never Google. For this purpose the company is conducting a study involving about 150 people and asking questions related to stuff they want to know about.

Google Search FTC investigation marches on, ultimatum issued

by 1 year ago

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has two investigations opened on Google’s business practices. One of the concerns Google’s Search business, the company’s main revenue stream, and the other is related to Google’s use of standard-essential smartphone patents in legal battles against some of its main rivals.

Google voice search app for iOS scores better than Siri

by 1 year ago

A quick test of Google’s newly released voice search app for iOS reveals its superior performance over the native Siri. Even though limited to web based searches, Google voice search renders quicker and more accurate results compared to Siri. Anyone surprised?

Google Search and Maps now feature Amber Alerts to help find missing kids

amber alert
by 1 year ago

When a child goes missing, it’s a really serious situation and finding them is a community effort. Not only are there people always looking for the kids, but another important part in finding them is letting everyone know that they’re missing. Google is helping out with that by adding Amber Alerts to their Search and Map functions. They are working with other countries to get their missing children programs included.

Google Search, Maps, and Now will be providing preparedness info about Hurricane Sandy

hurricane sandy
by 1 year ago

Hurricane Sandy hit Northeast American shores late last night and so far the damage has been awful. However, the storm is expected to continue to rage across the Northeast part of the United States for at least a few more days. Google services, including Maps, Search, and Google Now will be providing info for anyone who needs it. This includes tracking info,preparedness info, and other details.

Google Now and Google Voice Search Updated

Google Now
by 1 year ago

There’s no need to wait for Android 4.2 to take advantage of a handful of new Google Now and Google Search features. Google Search has been updated on the Google Play Store, adding numerous new cards to help automate your life. The list of new features includes some pretty big improvements to Google Now and Google Voice Search such as the ability to add calendar events (and not just alarms), stocks, news updates, nearby photos, concerts, packages, flight confirmations, hotel reservations, restaurant bookings, and other events. Many of these new features are thanks to newly added GMail integration. Anyways, here’s what’s new,…