Google Search Update

In Google Now, a card with the title “Listen for a TV show” will allow you to get info about what you’re watching in real time, without entering any data. Maybe that actor was on a really great show you used to love, but can’t quite remember the name.

siri plus bing

During the keynote presentation at its developers conference, Apple has revealed that Google is to be dropped as the Internet search engine for Siri in the next release iOS 7, Bing will now be used instead. Are Apple making a mistake by switching to Microsoft’s Bing?


In an 18-month study, German security company AV-Test tried out four different search engines. Out of those four (Google, Bing, Yandex, and Blekko), Google was the champion.


Google is, at its core, a search company. It’s what got them to where they are, and what continues to earn them the bulk of their revenue. Google is also committed to being a ‘mobile first’ company, which makes quite a bit of sense when you have the #1 mobile platform in Android in your back pocket. Then, if we consider Google Glass, which could be poised to have a very search-centric user interface, these new findings could be troubling.