The Google Play tree is growing bigger by the day, so it’s only apt that more features are introduced that can benefit both developers and users. After the introduction of in-app subscription back in May, which works for apps, magazines and other creative content, Google is taking things a step further by allowing developers to offer free trials for in-app subscription content.


Since Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise makes $100 million a year it is worth looking at their mobile strategy, it is quite revealing. On Android, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons are all free apps supported by ads while on iOS the same games all cost $0.99 to buy with no adverts, but with free limited versions available for people to try out. What does that tell us?

Google Books

Digitizing books and indexing the contents thereof might seem like a good idea, if only to increase access to content. But when Google launched its Library project, a lot of publishers voiced dissent, saying Google was infringing on their intellectual property. Google has now settled the lawsuit, opening the door to the sale of more ebooks on Google Play.

Fake iPhone 5 Launcher

With a four out of five star rating and more than 100,000 downloads, the “Fake iPhone 5 Launcher” app provides Android fans a little taste of Apple. Apart from its name, the recently new... “fake iPhone 5 launcher” is a real, fully functional app.

This bittersweet app offers adamant Fandroids the iOS 6 display on their Android devices without having to buy the iPhone 5.