Google Play Music

The Android ecosystem has always been mostly about apps, with the rest of Google’s entertainment services being either unavailable to a lot of users or simply not very attractive. But with Google Play apps so close to overtaking iOS in both quality and quantity, we can finally say that Google is looking to up the ante in the music and movies departments, too.


Google has made inroads into the content ecosystem through Google Play, offering not only apps, but also books, movies and music. While songs and movies have been available for download by American users for some time now, coverage throughout the rest of the world has been limited. We have good news, as Google has announced the availability of songs and movies to users in additional countries this month.


Christmas comes early for folks who seemingly can’t get through one day without flashing the latest available custom ROM on their device, for Titanium Backup has been updated with a killer feature or two. The latest version of the highly popular Titanium Backup Pro app now gives users the ability to make flashable zip files of their apps and data.


With all the hype surrounding Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity, it was easy to forget that it hadn’t even been released yet. Now, the experimental game has finally been made available via the Google Play Store.