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Pay for Nexus 4 with Google Play Store balance? You can’t!

by Chris SmithNovember 21, 2012
The Nexus 4 isn’t available for purchase for the time being, but as soon as Google starts taking orders again, make sure you have an alternative payment method to Google Play Store credit. Because no matter how much credit you may have accumulated to make sure you have enough money to purchase a new Nexus device, Google won’t take your money that way.
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Nexus 4 Stock Alert app offers real time updates on your Android device for Nexus 4 availability

by Chris SmithNovember 21, 2012
Google’s latest Nexus smartphone was released just over a week ago in various markets and sold out minutes after launch. The Search giant revealed that more stock will be available in the coming weeks, without providing any specific dates.
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Gameloft’s Thanksgiving games sale is on today, get your fave titles for $0.99

by Bams SadewoNovember 21, 2012
In the coming days, we foresee a lot of traveling, eating, talking and catching up with relatives and friends for folks who plan to go home for the Thanksgiving holiday. If you’re thinking of getting some new games to accompany you on the road, Gameloft is here with its gifts of the season.
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The 32GB Nexus 10 returns to an available status in the US, UK and Canadian Google Play stores

by Robert NelsonNovember 21, 2012
The 32GB Nexus 10 tablet has been bouncing in, and out-of-stock lately, and well, as of now the tablet is available by way of the US, UK and Canadian Google Play stores.
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Google support gives away a free Nexus 4 to one very lucky customer

by Andrew GrushNovember 20, 2012
They say patience is a virtue, but so is persistence. In fact, one Google customer was so persistent about getting his LG Nexus 4 order sorted out that not only is the order on its way, the customer is getting a free phone out of the deal.
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Latest Google Play update suggests app reviews may soon require a Google+ account

by Robert NelsonNovember 20, 2012
We have yet to hear anything from Google, however thanks to a dissection of the recently released Google Play APK, we may be seeing some new features in future releases. The features look to include Google+ app reviews and the ability to place pre-orders.
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You have rooted your Nook HD or HD+ tablet, now here is how to get the Google Play store installed

by Robert NelsonNovember 19, 2012
Thanks to an xda-developers forums member, those with a rooted Nook HD or HD+ tablet have a step-by-step guide to getting the Google Play store installed. The process is not necessarily for everyone, however assuming you can closely follow directions, it should be a process that can be done by many.
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Fake Apple apps hit the Google Play Store: iMovie, iPhoto, GarageBand and iWork suite

by Chris SmithNovember 17, 2012
In case you were browsing the Google Play Store and found supposedly Apple-made mobile apps inside, apps that would be usually found in its own App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch use, then you should probably stay away from them.
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Google Play 3.10.9 update brings a new installation UI, wishlist items delete button, and more

by Bams SadewoNovember 17, 2012
It was only a month ago that Google updated its Play Store app to version 3.9.16, which brought along new features like improved notifications and a wish list function. Now, a new version of the app is reportedly being pushed out to select users.
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Kobo Arc now available in Canada and UK, coming to France on Monday

by Andrew GrushNovember 16, 2012
The Kobo Arc has officially arrived in the United Kingdom and Canada today, and will come to France on Monday. Pricing for the 7-inch Kobo tablet starts at $199.99 for the 16GB model.
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