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Action Launcher Pro version 1.5 for Android adds easy access to widgets

March 28, 2013
Action Launcher PRO for Android is now on version 1.5, and according to the official release notes, it comes with a number of new useful features.
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Google Play movies have now arrived in India and Mexico

March 28, 2013
Recently Google Play Books arrived to both India and Mexico. Now Google is back at it again, this time bringing Google Play movies to both countries.
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Google posts ‘Featured Android Apps for Tablets’ page with 116 apps to choose from

March 27, 2013
Google has launched a "Featured Android Apps for Tablets" page on the Google Play Store which currently features 116 different apps to choose from.
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The Play Store should have more devices

March 27, 2013
Google may not understand just how fervent their fanbase is, as was made evident by their estimation of Nexus 4 sales. As consumers, all we know is that we want good devices, and we don’t want to wait for them.
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View your Google Play purchase history using My Purchases

March 27, 2013
My Purchases, available now for download, allows users to easily view their Google Play purchase history, including bought apps, music, TV shows, and others.
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Nexus 7 now available directly from the Google Play Store in India!

March 25, 2013
Even though there has been no official announcement, the 16GB WiFi-only version of Google Nexus 7 tablet has shown up on the Indian Google Play Store, making this the first time that a Nexus device is officially available in India.
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Evernote 5.0 update offers improved camera, new shortcut panel, and more

March 25, 2013
Features, features, and a whole lotta features – that’s what Evernote promises if you don’t dump the service and move to Google Keep. What's new on Evernote 5.0?
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Developer Appxplore launches Alien Hive on the Google Play Store

March 23, 2013
Are you looking for a fun and casual game to play this weekend? Well, developer Appxplore has just launched a Bejeweled-like game, Alien Hive, on the Google Play Store
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[Awesome] Google creates Game of Thrones themed commercial

March 23, 2013
Just in time for the Season 3 premiere of the acclaimed series the Game of Thrones, Google has released a new commercial titled "Retribution".
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Shoot Many Robots for Android now Available

March 22, 2013
The Android version of Shoot Many Robots has arrived in the Google Play Store, and you can get it for free.
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