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Crayon Physics Deluxe launches on the Google Play Store for $2.99

by: Brad WardJune 12, 2013
Crayon Physics Deluxe, after launching on the PC in 2009, has made its debut on Android for a mere $2.99. Curious to know more? Read on to find out!
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New Google Play Store shipping options available: Ground and Saver

by: Chris SmithJune 11, 2013
Google has added two shipping options to its Play Store items. Called Ground and Saver, they will help buyers save money on shipping. Read on for more details.
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Play Store will overtake App Store in number of app installs by October

by: Rob TriggsJune 6, 2013
The Google Play Store is set to surpass its rival Apple App Store in terms of total app downloads before the end of the year. Read on for more details!
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Google Keyboard for Android now available as a Play Store download

by: David GonzalesJune 6, 2013
Today, Google Keyboard for Android was added to the Play Store and now anyone with a compatible device may download it for free.
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New Play Store web version is currently being tested at Google

by: Nate SwannerJune 4, 2013
While the Play Store may not look exactly the same across devices, or even into the desktop, this update brings it much closer to true functional unity than any we’ve seen prior.
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16GB White Nexus 4 already out of stock at the Google Play Store

by: Rob TriggsJune 4, 2013
After being on sale for only a few days, the 16GB White version of Google's Nexus 4 has already sold out in the Play Store.
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White Nexus 4 arrives to the Google Play Store in the U.S.

by: Andrew GrushMay 31, 2013
Looking to get your hands on the white Nexus 4? For those in the United States, the white version has now arrived to the Play Store!
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Amazon announces its new “Login with Amazon” service for Android

by: Rob TriggsMay 29, 2013
The newly announced Login with Amazon service will allow Amazon customers to login to various Android and iOS apps, games and websites, with just a single account. Read on for more details.
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Play Store reportedly getting new shipping options for devices

by: Nate SwannerMay 27, 2013
To be fair, you currently get 2-day shipping via UPS. The issue is, not everyone will want that option. Whether inconvenient or not affordable, the singular shipping choice is just good enough. Would more shipping options make you want to purchase from the Play Store?
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Google to cease Android developer payments in Argentina

by: J. Angelo RacomaMay 26, 2013
With tough foreign currency restrictions in Argentina, Google has decided to stop app developer payments by June, making it harder for Argentine developers to monetize apps.
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